Are you scouting for baby shower cake designs? If yes, navigate through this article for different baby shower cake designs.

Baby Shower Cake Designs

A ‘baby shower’ is a tradition to mark the joyful occasion of a new born infant in a family. It is a tradition which started off years ago as a day to welcome the new baby into the house and to wish the parents and the baby good luck. A baby shower has today become a day of grand celebration and an occasion for family reunion. It has nowadays become an extravagant affair with family members and friends getting an opportunity of coming together and enjoying and celebrating the arrival of the new born baby. There are many unique baby shower themes that are brought to use by different families to make the day special for the little one and the new mom. Everything from the decorations to the food is designed and made to complement the theme of the day. One of the major attractions of a baby shower is the baby shower cake. Mentioned below are some unique baby shower cake designs that can be used to compliment different themes of this happy occasion.

Unique Baby Shower Cake Designs

Designing Divas
You can convert a simple cake into jaw-dropping shapes of babies in pods, booties, moons and stars, maternity shirts and any other artistic shapes. You can make use of sugar-paste and add structures which you feel will be liked by the gathering.

Mod And Hipster Mamas
Another way in which you can make a baby shower cake look attractive and suitable for the occasion is by adding chic geometric and retro designs to the cake. You can choose designs like bright dots and stripes in various colour schemes to make the cake eye-catching and delightful.

Another baby shower cake design idea is to jam together various cupcakes to provide both design and variety to the cake. You can individually frost and decorate different flavoured cupcakes and arrange it in a vertical shape to make a cupcake tree waiting to be polished off by the guests.

Quilt Baby Shower Cake
This is an easy cake design idea that you can try making yourself. You will have to prepare a square shaped white vanilla sheet cake and then top it with fondant. You will have to calculate and estimate the number of squares you would need to form a baby quilt. You can make use of different colour fondants to colour each square. You can then cut the fondant shapes and place them on top of your cake. Make use of icing to bond the fondant shapes together.

Unique Baby Shower Cakes
You can also try some exclusive shaped cakes like cakes in the shape of a pram, a baby face, duck, baby shoes, gingerbread man, butterfly, baby feet etc. for your baby shower cake. There are many designs offered by different bakers for you to choose from to suit your baby shower theme.

Gift Basket Baby Shower Cake
Another unique baby shower cake idea is to make use of large brown frosting as a basket, decorating it with colourful small cakes in the shape of various goodies in a gift basket.

Belly Baby Shower Cake
Another popular baby shower cake design is to make the cake look like a pregnant belly. The cake is made by placing a round cake over a rectangular cake. Both the cakes are frosted together to make it look like a pregnant belly.

Baby Bum Shower Cake
You can also make your cake look like the back of your baby. Add few details like a diaper and small feet visible which will make the cake look like a crawling baby.

The Alphabet Blocks Cake
Another unique cake idea is the alphabet block cake that can be made using a deep rectangular or square pan. You can either go for a large block design or several small blocks. Frost the blocks in white and yellow and trim them to look like ABC blocks. You can even use letters from the name of the baby or the parents.

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