Are you finding it difficult to plan a baby shower party? If yes, navigate through this article for some creative baby shower ideas to make your baby shower party an exclusive one.

Creative Baby Shower Ideas

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities,” said Eda J. Le Shan. The experience of being a first time mother is hard to define. The new mother feels joyful, happy, hopeful, concerned, worried and scared all at the same time. For a new mother, going through the physical and emotional changes and the thought of bringing forth a new life is just wonderful. A new baby brings along unmatched happiness, hope and dreams for the new mother. One way in which you as a close family member or friend can share the happiness is by throwing a baby shower party for the new parents. Throwing a baby shower party is also the best way in which you can show your support and encouragement to the new parents. Here are few unique baby shower ideas that will help you plan the theme, outfits and activities for the special occasion marked to welcome the new bundle of joy in the family unit.

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Throw A Tea Party
One of the unique baby shower ideas is to throw a tea party for the guests. You can gather all your fancy teapots, saucers and plates, set tables with beautiful tablecloths and fresh flowers and ask the guests to come dressed for a tea party. You can make dishes like salads, croissants and scones that will compliment the occasion. 

Involve The Guests
Another way in which you can make an ordinary baby shower celebration special is by involving the guests in the preparation for the welcoming of the new baby. You can give each guest a project to accomplish. For example you can ask them to come over and paint the baby nursery or set up the furniture for the babyetc. 

Pamper Mommy
A baby shower is the special day for the mom as well and therefore there should be something to make the mom feel special too. You can provide the mom and the guests with an opportunity to feel pampered by arranging for facials, manicures and pedicures. You can either arrange for it at home or go to a spa. The gifts given to the mom should also focus on the comfort and well-being of the mother.

Nine Months
This is another great baby shower idea that can be used to make the new mother relive the precious nine months of her life. You can ask the guests to come dressed as ‘nine months pregnant’. They can stuff pillows under their clothes and create a pregnant look. Make sure that you have the celebration in a comfortable and open area where the guests feel comfortable in their bulky clothing. You can even plan games related to the theme.

Freeze It
You can even get innovative and helpful to the new mom in your ideas. New mothers generally have problems preparing meals; therefore, you can ask the guests to bring along food that can be frozen and stored. This will avoid chaotic dinner hours.

Baby Showers For The Couple
This is the best way in which you can involve the dad of the new born in the celebration. Remember to invite other men as well while planning to send invites for the baby shower. Involve themes, games that will involve the men as well.

Diaper Party
A diaper party is also a good idea to celebrate a baby shower. Make use of diapers on the invitations and the decorations. You can also ask the guests to bring a pack of diapers for the new born. This will provide at least a month’s stock of diapers for the new born baby and the guests will also not have to think much over the gift to be bought.

Send Them Away
It is as much a hectic and harried moment for a new mom as it is a happy and exciting moment. You can plan a holiday for the new parents by making reservations at a nearby resort. This will give them a good chance to get away for a while and relax.

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