Kids are picky eaters. Here are some dinner ideas that will make your daily task of cooking dinner for them simpler.

Dinner Ideas For Kids

Kids are fussy creatures. Convincing kids to dig into a regular meal and relish it is not an easy task. Deep fried delights and ice creams unflinchingly suit a kid’s palate. However, frozen and fried junk foods fail to give the valuable nutrition necessary for every kid to blossom into a healthy full grown human being. As hard as it may be to incite excitement when it comes to calling the kids to feast upon an ordinary meal, by adding a variety to your homemade dinner menu, your dining dilemma is solved! Experiment with healthy and wholesome foods until the kids not only get habituated, but fall in love with your dinner meals. The golden rule is to always serve vegetables with whatever you prepare and eliminate excessive use of oil. Kids love trying out new dishes. Unfortunately, even a housewife is pressed for time and isn’t gifted with an extra hour for extravagant cooking. Hence, the priority is to cook something nutritious and time saving. Continue reading and explore the different ideas for kiddie dinner meals.

Quick And Easy Kid Dinner Ideas
  • Eggs! Whether boiled, fried or mixed with soup, egg is a very healthy option for kids. Full of protein, eggs can be prepared in no time. Scrambled eggs with cheese and toast are ideal too.
  • Pasta is fun! It is indeed quite rare to find a kid that doesn’t fancy delicious cheesy pasta. The whole wheat pasta is healthier than the usual one and is hence recommended. You can swap between tuna or meatballs to reduce chances that involve the kids getting bored of pasta. Jazz things up as you serve spaghetti with broccoli flowerets and lots of tomato sauce. Pasta is predictably served with garlic bread. It’s easy to make, and the standard ingredients for a pot of pasta typically are- twelve spiral pasta, broccoli, Italian seasoning, florets of cauliflower, cup of vegetable broth, cheese, roasted tomatoes and basil pesto.
  • It doesn’t get better than plain and tasty soup. Lentils are a common favourite while carrots and celery often fulfil most of the dietary requirements. Tomato soup or mushroom topped with croutons is very satisfying and much preferred. Soup offers the right nutrients as long as you don’t stick to readymade packet soups which contain too much preservative. 
  • Baked fish and chips make a healthy and quick dinner for kids. This can be easily prepared with  two eggs, two spoons of olive oil, a cup of breadcrumbs, black pepper, three potatoes, evenly cut skinless cods, sauce, mustard and lemon wedges. Mix the spices with the potatoes in a bowl. Dip the fish in the egg mixture, let it rest it onto a lock bag of breadcrumbs and gently place it onto the baking sheet. Add crushed corn to the dish and bake it in the oven.
  • Sandwiches made out of brown bread, a good spread of vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers, mayonnaise and whatever you please are exellent dinner option. Tuna, peanut butter, jelly or cheeses are some of the standard sandwich fillings. Kids are generally content with sandwiches.
  • The volcanic cottage pie won’t only arouse interest, but will also stimulate a kid’s taste buds for the better, making them beg for more. Instead of baking a large cottage pie in your traditional baking dish, why not make individual pie for each family member?  The cottage pie base consists of cooked ground beef and a layer of fine vegetables. Make a batch of buttered mashed potatoes for the next layer. Top it with mashed potatoes in the shape of a volcano and sprinkle with cheese and paprika to make it yummier. Bake at 375-degrees F oven for about 15 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the cottage pie is heated through.

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