Are you in the mood for lots of food? A great way to indulge in a variety of delicacies is by organizing a potluck party. Explore tips and ideas for planning a potluck dinner party.

Potluck Dinner Ideas

Potluck dinners are generally a gathering of people who bring their own food and contribute to the dinner at the place. They were initially started as measures of cost cutting and also so that work was equally divided among all. However, potluck parties are today looked upon as fun get-together rather than just eating-your-own-food party. Instead of having random dishes, most potluck parties nowadays are woven in a theme according to which people bring in the delicacies. This makes for a good social gathering or party. It is mostly done among women to unwind and relax during the weekends after a hectic week. An important point to remember is making sure that the host has an idea of what everyone is preparing so that it is more organized and not more than one salad or cake is brought. Extras such as paper cups, plates and glasses are generally supplied by the host. Beverages must also be accounted for while planning a potluck party. Read on to get some ideas and tips for planning a perfect potluck party.
Tips For Planning A Potluck Dinner Party
General Tips
  • Organize everything from cutlery to location, beverages and the ideas for food.
  • A mismatch of menu should be avoided at all costs. The host must make efforts to get the ideas about what everyone is preparing and coordinate.
  • Decide how many dishes the meal must have. If there are too many dishes, it might become impossible to taste all. And if too less, the party would suffer hunger!
  • Good drinks are also necessary to go with the food. It is ideal to make one large vat full of either fruit punch or wine that serves all or ask the participants to bring a beverage of their choice that complements with their dish.
  • Theme nights such as Halloween or movie night or a specific cuisine would be apt when there is a huge gathering. The host can decorate the place accordingly.
  • It is easier that the host makes something bigger in size or something more difficult to carry that saves the others of making it and travelling with it. Turkey, barbequed hamburgers, soufflé etc is a good option for the host to prepare.
  • Make sure that people enter the kitchen only to reheat the food and not prepare anything extra or else there will be chaos.
Ideas For Potluck Dinner Party
  • For a themed party, food should be in sync with the theme. For example, if the theme decided is Mexican, a good potluck would consist of crab cakes with spicy avocado salsa and nachos with a spinach and cheese dips as appetizers, Mexican chili, tortilla wraps and Mexican rice as main courses, oven dried tomatoes and tacos as side dishes and maybe Mexican fried bananas and a Mexican chocolate mousse cake as dessert.
  • Traditional potluck recipes include casseroles, turkey, cookies, salads, breads, pastas, beef stew, apple pies, chocolate cakes etc. To change some of the boring, usual recipes: try making noodle soups, bean salads or any pot pies. They would all work wonders for beginners.
  • Most ideas get passed down generations, so the dish doesn’t have to be a fancy one. But if you are experimenting make sure you have enough time before the party begins. All food must be made in advance and nothing should be done while the party is in progress unless it’s a barbeque.
Hope these are useful tips and suggestions for you to have your very own potluck with lots of gossip, fun and food!

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