Be creative in planning your dinner parties with some exciting themes. Here are some interesting dinner party themes for you to consider.

Dinner Party Themes

A dinner invitation once accepted is a sacred obligation. If you die before the dinner takes place, your executor must attend! - Ward McAllister. This is how important attending a dinner party can be for many people. However, hosting a dinner party is another issue altogether and one needs to be careful enough to make the dinner party a memorable one. One of the best ways to make a dinner party an unforgettable one is to organize a dinner party with a theme. There are a lot of fun and exciting ways to make a dinner party a stimulating one, and there are a variety of themes that you can shortlist depending on the age and type of company you intend to invite. If you are not too sure about what theme to select for your dinner party, then here are some ideas to help you get started. Read the subsequent sections to learn more.

Themes For Dinner Parties 

Kebab Dinner Party
  • Decorate the area very conventionally with hookah stands and play some Arabic music to keep the theme going. You can also ask the guests to dress up in Middle Eastern clothes to make the occasion more fun.
  • Prepare some traditional Arab food with different meats and vegetables such as chicken, mutton, beef, cottage cheese, different colours of bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, olives etc. Get a few sauces such as a barbeque sauce, teriyaki, mayonnaise, tabasco, four herb oil etc.
  • Get some skewers out and make some yummy kebabs for your guests. Your guests are going to love this for sure.
 Mardi Gras Theme
  • Play some zydeco music. Decorate the place in gold, green and purple. Use other accessories such as beads, masks and feathers, and hang them up on the walls and curtains.
  • Ask your guests to come dressed up in the above colors if they can and provide them with some masks when they enter.
  • Make some typical Creole and Cajun dishes like shrimps and jambalaya and other seafood delicacies.
Indian Theme
  • If your friends are sportive enough, ask them to dress in saris and kurtas. Decorate the area in bright colours of red and gold. Buy some good incense sticks for some good aroma. You can also decorate the sitting space with lamps to give the whole place a very Indian touch.
  • Play some Hindi music. If you have lots of time, get a Hindi movie DVD with English subtitles and watch it with your friends just for fun.
  • Make some nice fish curry, tandoori chicken, pulao, naan breads and some paneer butter masala. You will find all the recipes online. End the dinner with traditional Indian sweets such as carrot halwa, or gulab jamoon (sweet balls in syrup). Your guests are definitely going to go gaga over them.
Wimbledon Theme
  • You could organize a Wimbledon dinner party. Ask your guests to wear white and you could decorate the room to make it look very sporty.
  • Strawberries with cream is the most popular dessert that will bring out the theme well, or even cupcakes in the shape and size of a tennis ball will be great.
50’s Prom Theme
  • Request your guests to wear prom dresses or dinner jackets when they come over for dinner. Decorate the area elegantly, with props such as pianos and in colours such as pink and black.
  • Put up posters of celebrities of that era and make the room glittery. A disco ball would also be perfect.
  • There can be food that doesn’t require too much usage of your hands such as cocktail appetizers and any other such food.

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