Gone are the days when photography was taken just as a hobby and for fun. This article on commercial art photography will throw light on the expanding arena of photography.

Commercial Art Photography

Inventors like Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, Daguerre, and Hercules Florence would have never imagined in their wildest of dreams while discovering various methods of developing a photo film that photography would one day pay in millions. The way commercialization has been encompassing each and every sphere in the recent past provides vast opportunities for people involved in promotional and marketing activities. Photography is an art that leads people having proper knowledge about the functions of a camera and the ability to capture images using a creative mind to success. Photography is a skill that has not stayed immune of commercialization. Commercial photography is a field of photography that includes capturing events, shows, landscapes, programs etc. There is a big demand for commercial photography, and people with proficiency and knowledge can earn bountifully in this profession. Let us discuss some of the different commercial art photography areas in the sections that follow.

Types Of Commercial Art Photography

Architecture/ Interior Commercial Photography
Architecture or interior photography is a field of photography that concentrates on the architectural wonders and beautiful interior designing in these structures. This type of photography requires technical knowledge and an eye for detail. The photographer should be faultless with the techniques of photography, the requirements and details of photography in order to capture an image in a way that it attracts the clients. These kinds of photographs usually find their place in tourism brochures and magazines and will be included in an architect’s profile as well. 

Events Commercial Photography
This part of commercial photography captures different events like high profile political meetings to concerts, fashion shows and sports events that take place in and around the country. This is a lucrative genre of photography if the photographer is good in capturing details and knows the techniques well. The essence of the moment is what has to be captured in an event. The photograph should be taken in such a way that it captures the emotions of the people. Event photographers are in demand from newspaper houses, magazines and websites all craving to publish such photographs. 

Fashion And Glamour Photography
This type of photography concentrates on capturing glamorous moments on the ramp. Fashion photography is in great demand and the photographers if good are paid quite well. Glamour photography is all about capturing beautiful faces and the details of a fashion show. These kinds of photographs are popular among advertising companies, magazines and fashion journals.

Portrait Commercial Photography
This area of photography includes taking photographs of families and children in studios. In order to be a portrait photographer you need to have good inter-personal and good communication skills to flourish in the field. Graduation and wedding photography also fetches a lot of money.

Crime Scene Photography
This involves risk, but if you have a flair for it you can make it big in the field of crime scene photography. You will have to take photographs of the scenes of robberies, murders etc. A black and white camera or an infrared camera can be used to capture such photographs. These photographs in turn will be bought by newspaper houses, magazines and maintained in police records.

Food Photography
Another interesting arena of commercial photography is food photography. Food photography is best suited for those like travelling and love to know about various cuisines. These kinds of photographs are used by newspaper houses for editorials and food reviews and are also used for packaging or advertising purposes. Food photography though similar to still life photography requires special skills and knowledge.

Landscape And Aerial Commercial Photography
Landscape photography involves capturing outdoor scenery which calls for special skills and a creative bent of mind. You should have enough patience to wait for the right moment in order to get that one beautiful picture that will fetch you a lot. Aerial photography involves little more adventure since it involves capturing landscapes from an airplane.

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