Photography, as a discipline and even a hobby, breaks out into various branches. Read your way through this article for a bird’s eye view at the different types of photography.

Types Of Photography

Photography is both an art and a science. It becomes an art when a photographer takes the pains to explore the wells of creativity that are contained in photography. It becomes a science when the photographer concerns himself with the technical aspects that play a pivotal role in adding to the success of his photographs. However, thankfully Photographs and photography, thankfully however, cannot really be limited to confined spaces of creativity and technology. This is mostly because, as an activity, a passion and a profession, photography cannot really be contained. The options or types or branches are really as endless as it can get. Make a preplanned move and read on to know more about the various types or branches of photography. At the end of it all, you really will be in for a pleasant surprise because not very many people are aware of how diverse a field photography is and can actually be.

Different Kinds Of Photography

Aerial Photography
Aerial photography refers to those photographs that are shot from a plane, a helicopter, a hot-air balloon or any other mode of airborne transportation.

Adventure Photography
Ever seen those photographs taken of bikes high in the air? Well, you can thank adventure photography for that. Adventure photography is all about photos of daring feats, sports and adventure in general.

Architectural Photography
Architectural photography involves that art or taking aesthetic photographs of properties that help promote the sale of the same.

Artistic Photography
Artistic photography is all about photography that focuses mostly on creativity and shots that are extremely pleasing to the eye.

Astrophotography stands to signify space photography, or photography that materializes into the confines of reality with the assistance of a telescope. 

Aura Photography
Aura photography is a branch of photography that still remains a mystery to man. It focuses on photographing the aura or personality of a person.

Black And White Photography
Black and white photography deals with classic black and white shots that throw light on the expressions of people. Color really has no role to play in black and white photography.

Commercial Photography
Those pictures that are taken to promote products, services and companies come under the rather large banner of commercial photography.

Digiscoping refers to the photographs taken with the assistance of a binocular or a telescope.

Documentary Photography
Photographs taken to make any particular documentary a success can be branded as documentary photography. Here, the nature of the documentary or its purpose doesn’t really matter much. 

Event Photography
Event photography stands to represent the photographs taken of events that can involve concerts, festivals, parties, engagements, weddings, etc.

Forensic Photography
Photographs taken to help solve a crime or work on clues are best described as forensic photography.

Fashion Photography
A photograph taken to promote or publicize fashion falls under the broad banner of fashion photography. Those glossy pictures you see in glossy fashion magazines are examples of fashion photography.

Kirlian Photography
Under the limited wingspan of kirlian photography an object that touches a photographic plate is connected to a high voltage source which results in an aura-like image. However, kirlian photography and aura photography are not one and the same thing.

Macro Photography
Macro photography can be described as the art and technique of photographing small objects and doing so from hardly any distance.

Medical Photography
Medical photography includes specialized photos that are taken purely for clinical and medical purposes.

Nature Photography
Nature photography brings within its folds the various photographs that are taken of animals, plants, the sea, landscapes, mountains, etc. 

People Photography
Photos that are all about people, the way they behave, the way they move and the way they express themselves fall under what is popularly known as people photography.

Sports Photography
Sports photography is that branch of photography that revolves around photographs taken of sport stars in action.

Time Lapse Photography
Time lapse photographs are those photographs that are taken with an unusually long exposure which helps throw light on something happening over a certain period of time.

Underwater Photography
A photograph that is taken under water with the aid of a water-tight camera falls under the fascinating branch of underwater photography.

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