Wedding poses are an important issue for the couple getting married and the photographer. Explore this article for tips that will help you get the wedding poses just right.

Wedding Photography Poses

Unlike the photography that you do when you go on a trip with your family, taking a photograph at a wedding involves much more thought and work. There is no room for error as you cannot do a second session once the wedding is over. Both the photographer and the married couple need to know exactly what they are doing if they are to get the kind of photos that they would love to look at for years to come. The perfect pose for a wedding photography is not impossible to get if you follow some simple guidelines that will be mentioned in this article. These guidelines will help you take photographs that do nothing but complement the new couple. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration when you make the bride and bridegroom pose. The details of the plan for the photographs can even include the physical attributes of the brides and the bridegrooms. 

Tips For Wedding Photography Poses

  • The very first thing that needs to be done, in order to get the right pose is to take into account the sizes of the bride and bridegroom. If either one of them is on the heavy side then it would be smart not to make them pose sitting down.
  • When posing for a full length portrait, the bride should hold her bridal bouquet in front of her in such a way that it does not cover the details of the dress and give her sharp angles at the elbows.
  • If the bride and bridegroom are being asked to tilt their heads, then it would be best if the bridegroom tilted his head down and to the front (also known as the masculine tilt) and the bride should tilt her head down and over the shoulder (The feminine tilt).
  • If the bride is wearing a flowing dress then a good pose would be for her to sit down with the dress spread out around her.
  • For casual poses, the bride and bridegroom can give some candid poses. Humor also works well for such poses but it would be in bad taste if any of the photographs portrayed the couple in a negative light.
  • In case there is a considerable height difference between the bride and the bridegroom then it would be better if their photographs were taken while sitting so that the shorter one does not look odd in the photograph.
  • Posing with props can also make for good photographs. Having the bride lean against a pillar or having the bride and bridegroom pose as though they were looking at the camera from behind the pillar would also make for good poses.

The ideas on the poses can be unlimited. Getting the photographs that best suit the taste of the bride and bridegroom will depend on the location of the wedding and any special requests put in by the new couple.

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