Christmas poems are the best way to wish and spread cheer among your friends and family. Read below for a list of funny Christmas poems.

Humorous Christmas Poems

The spirit and celebration of Christmas can only be expressed through one emotion and that is love. Indeed, love for everyone, not only your friends and family, is the hallmark of any Christmas celebration. Giving gifts and hugs, sitting together as a family and praying for the well-being of humanity are some of the things that characterize Christmas. It is the time when spreading the festive cheer and wishing for a happy life is the sole purpose of the occasion. This can further be enhanced by dedicating, sending, or reading out poems to your family and friends that captures the true essence of the occasion. A poem, as everyone knows, captures the true emotions. And through ages poets have captured the spirit and fun of the occasion by stringing together words that describe each and every mood. Among these, the humorous poems are perhaps the most widely sought after as they can capture the mood and also make you view the festival through a new perspective. Humorous Christmas poems are a sure shot way to bring a smile on the readers face, and so they are the best way to greet your friends and family during Christmas. Given below is a list of the best humorous Christmas poems. 
Funny Christmas Poems 
  • Toy Escape by Joanna Fuchs
  • Holiday Feasting by Joanna Fuchs
  • A Christmas Tale by Jacqueline Ramm
  • A Letter to Rudolph by Denise Hobbs
  • Happy Christmas Auntie Peggy by Paul Curtis
  • An Eighties Christmas Flashback by Flower Child
  • A Politically Correct Christmas Story by Unknown
  • The Honest Santa Fairy by Paul Curtis
  • A Seasonal Request by Steve Morris
  • At Christmas Time by Bruce Thompson
  • The Honest Santa Fairy by Paul Curtis
  • A Tree-mendous Holiday by David Alston
  • Christmas by Liz Garrad
  • Happy Stressless by Paul Curtis
  • Christmas Haiku by Carla Firey
  • Fall of The Snowman by Paul Curtis
  • Christmas Tradition by Kathryn (Chris) Hamann
  • Christmas Stew by Pete Graf
  • Christmas Shopping by Paul Curtis
  • Compliments of the Season by Jessie Morton
  • Dear Santa by Robyn Scott
  • The Santa Clause by Paul Curtis
  • Eleven Months by DonL
  • It’s Christmas by Paul Curtis
  • God I Hate Christmas by Elaine Hamlet
  • Ho! Ho! Ho! And Jingle Bells by Robyn Scott
  • Cool Yule by Paul Curtis
  • It's Nearly Christmas by Joel Bjorling
  • Jingle Bells (Aussie style) by Unknown
  • One Memorable Christmas by Catherine Grieshammer
  • Santa by Russ Moore
  • Satan Rules KO by Paul Curtis
  • Santa Claus Was Coming To Oz by David Peetz
  • Santa is a Line Dancer by Joel Bjorling
  • Sixteen in the Sixties by Jessie Morton
  • Thank You by William Church
  • The Cats Who Saved Christmas by Kim Ward
  • The Inconvienice of Christmas by Phillip Mitchell
  • The Perfect Gift by Unknown
  • The School Nativity Play by Liz Garrad
  • The Tree by DonL
  • Thinking of YOU This Christmas by Russ Moore
  • Twas the night before christmas in USA by Michael Raff
  • T'was The Month After Christmas by Unknown
  • Up On the Desktop, Click, Click, Click! by Scott Emmons
  • Reflections on Yule by Margaret Muir
  • It's Christmas Time Again by Grace E. Easley
  • Tickled Pink by Patrick Winstanley
  • Christmas May Be Cancelled by Patrick Winstanley
  • Christmas Post by Paul Curtis

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