Is your daughter turning 16? Read on the article to know about sweet sixteen party themes for girls.

Sweet Sixteen Themes For Girls

Sweet sixteen parties is a kind of birthday party meant for celebrating a girl's sixteenth birthday. These birthday parties are so popular that it has even inspired many movies such as ‘Super Sweet 16', 'Sixteen Candles' etc. However, now these birthday parties are not just 'sixteen candles'. Today's teenage girls consider it awkward to have a formal small party at their 16th birthday. They demand lavish birthday parties, with a sole purpose of absolute fun. In the olden days, this party was meant to celebrate a child's virginity but today it's considered as a 'coming of age' party. Traditionally a videographer is brought to bring several TVs or projectors and white screen to show a video montage of the birthday girl from her childhood to present age, with music to enhance the effect. Father-daughter dance is also a ritual at this birthday party. The origin of this dance comes from Italian culture. Sweet sixteen parties also inspired many music albums like 'Happy birthday sweet sixteen' by Neil Sedaka and 'Sweet little sixteen" by chuck berry. Read on to know more about sweet 16 party themes.
Sweet 16 Party Themes
Princess Party Theme 
  • It is every girl’s dream to be a princess at least for one day. This theme has the power to animate not only the birthday girl but her friends also. You should mention the theme in the invitations. That helps the people to dress accordingly.
  • Birthday girl can dress like Snow white or Cinderella or whichever character she likes the most from stories, films or music videos etc. 
Pool Party Theme
  • This is a real coming of age party. It can also be called beach party. You can celebrate a good pool party without spending every penny in your pocket. The only essential thing is pool of course.
  • For adding extra fun, you can arrange a dance floor with lights and disc jockeys. 
High School Musical Theme
  • This is a common and most celebrated theme among sixteen themes. One can arrange this party very easily. 
  • Get some banners and decoration and arrange functions like musical karaoke and games like freeze dance and hot potato.
  • You can provide microphones to guest. This allows people to sing from where they sit. You could also arrange some fun games with it to make the party interesting. 
Makeover Party Theme 
  • The makeover party needs costume designers and hair stylist. As the name suggest, people get a change over in this party by different makeup and hair styling.
  • You can take the ‘before and after’ photograph of makeover. This theme can give you a million more giggles in your party. 
Mystic Party Theme
  • As the name suggest, mystic is the most attractive ingredient of this theme. You could arrange good psychic reader, astrologer, or tarot card readers for your party.
  • The guests could dress in mystical character fancy costumes. People can ask the tarot readers etc what they want to know. It will be a real fun if you get a good psychic reader. Your friends would get mesmerized when the psychic reader tells the past and future of them.

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