Turning sixteen is an amazing feeling for all teenagers, which can be escalated with sweet presents. Check out the gifts ideas for sweet sixteen.

Gifts For Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen is a special age when a girl still has her innocence but is now set on the path to realize her potential and spread her wings. There are no limits to what she can do; she can run, fly, swirl, do absolutely whatever she likes. This is the age when teens get to experience their first job, get treated like adults by everyone and start the dating business. It is special because it is the onset of an age, where these younglings are setting on to the path of realization of their dreams and aspirations. It is a magical time of possibilities. Falling in love becomes a possibility, success becomes a possibility, becoming famous becomes a possibility; you name it and you got it! This beautiful age remains memorable in every woman’s life. When a grown up woman looks back and remembers her sweet sixteen, her heart is filled with the warmth of sweet memories of that time. If you have a daughter who will soon turn sixteen, then make sure you make her birthday uber special for her. Do not let her sixteenth pass her by without celebrating it in the utmost extraordinary way. Throw her a big party and make a declaration that your princess has entered into the golden age of sixteen. This is the time when your little girl steps into the initial stages of her glorious womanhood; you must set her off on that journey in style. It is the birthday every girl looks forward to. Besides, it has become a trend these days to have a big birthday bash for sweet sixteen. The main theme of these birthdays is to be absolutely pampered and showered with wonderful gifts. Your girl puts her hand on something and it becomes your duty to get her that, her wish becomes your command! She is even allowed to be over-demanding, after all one does not turn sixteen everyday! You can make this coming of age bash all the more special for your little princess by gifting her something as precious as her. This gift should represent the spirit of turning into sixteen and should be powerful enough to stay in the memory forever; which means that you will have to choose this gift after much careful consideration. Do not worry; we are here to help you find that perfect gift for sweet sixteen.
Gift Ideas For Sweet Sixteen
Spa Day: Let her be pampered at a spa for a full day. She will feel wonderful by the end of this and be relaxed and look like a princess. Gift her mani-pedi, back massage, hair spa, etc., everything that you think she will enjoy. Young girls like to get pampered and look beautiful, this enhances their body image in their eyes; your girl will really appreciate this thoughtful gift.
Clothing Gift Card: You know how teen girls are impossible to buy for. They have their own choices and their ideas on fashion changes with their changing hormones. It is definitely better if you leave the choice for their clothes on them. Do not think of buying your girl a dress; she will most probably reject it. Instead, gift her store gift card and let her have the freedom to buy whatever she wants to buy. She will appreciate the fact that you trust her enough to let her shop on her own.
Book Worm: If your princess is a book worm and likes to read the books all day long then you have got to introduce the new technology that will change the reading experience for her, in her life. Buy her a kindle and she will be able to carry her books everywhere and could read in the dark and document all her favorite books in it.
Yoga Kit: Your girl is growing up and she is getting increasing conscious about her body. Why not get her a yoga kit and help her work on her body to keep fit physically and mentally. If you do not mind gifting her something more than this then get her yoga lessons and she will thank you for the innumerable benefits she will experience in her life. Her icons Miley Cyrus and her likes are already hooked on to yoga, she will definitely not shy away from it.
Fashionista: You can get your girl a subscription for a teen fashion magazine and let her enjoy the world of teen fashion. If she is a fashionista then she will really appreciate this gift because she will be able to take a lot of her fashion cues from these magazines. It will keep the creativity in her alive and help her catch up with the changing fashion world.
Birthday Bash: Instead of a physical gift item, you can present the birthday girl with a birthday bash in restaurant, balloon ride, Limo ride with friends, day of sailing, surf camp, tickets for movie screenings, etc. These kinds of gifts are really appreciated by teenagers, as it gives them an opportunity to try out new things, alone or with friends.
Precious: Jewelry is a favorite item amongst young girls. You can present the birthday girl with Rhinestone dangle anklet, necklace of beads that change color in sunlight, ring with secret compartment, bracelet and necklace with flashing lights and strand of pearls.
Makeup: Makeup or cosmetics is another good choice for growing girls. Cosmetics can include iridescent lip gloss, rouge, perfume, hair glitter, stick-on stars and beauty marks, hair bands and gift coupons for hair salon.
Sporty: Sports gear and sportswear is also a nice choice for growing kids. You can present camping gear, floatable sunglasses and sandals, life preserver vest, cool bicycle helmet, wearable safety lights, backpack, flashlight and sleeping bag as gifts, which prove to be highly useful.
Personalized Gifts: Souvenirs such as personalized gift scroll, photo album from friends - with pictures and signatures, heart-shaped lockets and book covers - with friends’ signatures, are nice options for keepsakes.
Music: Music instruments such as guitar, violin, drums, synthesizer and mouth organ are ideal for music loving teens.
Lessons: Gifting driving lessons, riding lessons, gymnastics training, lessons for ballet, singing, swimming, tennis, and yoga are some progressive and healthy options for a sweet sixteen. 

Gadgets: Electronic items are a great hit amongst teenagers. Items like laptop computer, digital recorder, digital camera, cell phone, calculator, MP3 player, iPod, Play Station, etc are hip gift choices for sweet sixteen.

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