Making an all grain beer at home can be fun. Check out the all grain beer homebrew recipe, given below.

All Grain Beer Recipe

Beer is a preferred drink amongst all alcohol lovers. Though it does take sometime to develop a taste for it, once you start liking it there is no looking back. There are two types of beer that can be prepared, extract beer and all grain beer. All grain beer is considered better over the extract quality because here, one can have control over the malt profile of the beer, as while brewing, the extract is prepared by the brewer. However, making an all grain beer is a bit of a complex process, which requires careful handling. Given below is a homebrew recipe for preparing all grain beer.
Specialty Grains
  • 0.25 lbs. Dingemans Caramunich
  • 0.25 lbs. Dingemans Special B
  • 6.6 lbs. Liquid Malt Extract (Northern Brewer’s Gold)
  • 1 lbs Light Dry Malt Extract
  • 1 lbs Dark Belgian Candi Sugar
  • 1 oz. Styrian Goldings (pellets, 3.4 AA) (60 min)
  • 1 oz. Saaz (pellets, 3.0 AA) (1 min)
  • Wyeast 
  • Use small steep. Crush the grains and secure them in a grain bag. In a separate pot other than the brew pot, put the grain bag along with 1 quart of water. Heat the water to 150 F and let it stay for 30 minutes.
  • While grains steep, boil 3 gallons of water in the brew pot.
  • Dissolve candi sugar in another pot of boiling water. Boil for 10 -15 minutes to ensure all the sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and keep it aside for later addition to wort.
  • When steep is prepared, remove from heat. Pull out the bag from water and add the grain tea to the brew water.
  • When brew water starts boiling, remove the pot from heat. Now, add the pound of Dry Malt Extract.
  • Return the kettle to burner. After wort pot comes to a boil, add Stryian Golding hops.
  • Just before 30 minutes remaining in the boil, remove wort pot from heat and add candi sugar water.
  • Once again place the kettle on burner and bring the wort to boil.
  • At 15 minutes of boiling, remove wort pot from heat and add 6.6 pounds of Liquid Malt Extract (LME). Make sure the LME is well-dissolved in the wort. Now, again return the kettle to burner.
  • While heating the wort, keep stirring continuously to avoid scorching and carmelization of the wort.
  • Just one minute before the boil, add Saaz hops to the wort.
  • Once the wort comes to a boil, follow the established procedures for cooling, aerating and pitching yeast. Take hydrometer reading before pitching yeast and conducting a taste test.

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