16th birthday party is a special event in every teenager’s life. To make it special, given below are some sweet ideas for 16 birthday party.

16th Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties occupy a special place in every child’s heart. Birthday celebrations are something that every child craves for and expects to be unique and best. When children are small, parents celebrate their birthdays as per their own discretion. However, once they grow up, they have their own ideas of celebrating the occasion. The event becomes really special especially when your child turns sixteen, reaching the peak of adolescence. Thus, the 16th birthday party is really important for any teenager and an occasion worth remembering. Make your child’s 16th birthday really sweet, with the help of innovative party ideas given below.
Invitations are the first thing you need to take care of, once your guest list is finalized. You can make your own invitations creative by using unique ideas, such as presenting them on candy bar wrappers or chocolate bar wrappers. To add to the mystery, you can send a small key along with invitations, so that when they arrive at the venue, they can use the key to unlock safe containing special prizes. Such creative and appreciated ideas are even inexpensive.
Party Themes
For making the event truly enjoyable, you can select a theme, which you find most appropriate. You can even enjoy a simple dance party, which will undoubtedly be a hit amongst youngsters. Select your kid’s favorite numbers and spruce the place with disco lights and mirror balls, to give it that disco look. Hiring a DJ is another idea to make the party happening. Apart from this, you can also choose a beach party theme, which can be extremely fun filled during summers. Prepare some games and arrange beach music to make the party happening.
Food Menu
Food is yet another important aspect of any event, especially a party. A tasteless menu can mar the whole arrangement and leave the guests unsatisfied. So, make sure you pay attention to what you are going to serve your young bandwagon. Prepare items that are liked by the birthday kid and are also popular amongst teenagers. This can include pizzas, ice cream sundaes, sub sandwiches, sodas, etc. For a full meal, you can serve steak, green beans, corn, chicken, potato and macaroni salad and bread.
Games make a party thriving, entertaining the guests and keeping them involved. There are many games which can be played indoors as well as outdoors. Some of the common games that can be played are passing the parcel, musical chairs, blindfold, mimicry, dumb charade, etc. Apart from this, you can play games like treasure hunt or Halloween celebration, if you have a large area at your disposal. These can be really pulsating, making the party truly special.

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