A birthday party for a teen requires careful planning and preparation. Check out ideas and tips for teenager birthday parties.

Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Teenage - the period in life when you discover new things about yourself; when you no longer remain a child but then are really not an adult as well. It is the age when you feel rebellious and threatened at the same time. You want protection and freedom at the same time. It is certainly a special age in a person’s life and when the occasion is a birthday, it becomes all the more special. Teenage birthday parties mean loads of fun, excitement and the perfect place for other teens to unwind. As parents, the least you can do is arrange a good and well-planned birthday party for your young teen. Read ideas for planning a teen birthday party.
Tips for Teenager Birthday Parties 
  • First of all, select what kind of theme you will be having for the party. Is it retro, or punk, or fairy tale style? You may not necessarily have a stylized theme, even a simple color theme will do. It also helps to know if there are any major events that fall in the month of your birthday like Halloween so you could base your theme on it. You need to decide which one is it!
  • The invitations can be bought or made yourself according to the theme you have chosen. For instance, if you have a color theme, prepare invitation cards in that color or if you have an animated characters theme, use clip art to decorate the invitation with. Make sure you mention the theme and also the date, time and venue. Include directions if possible.
  • Decorations include balloons, streamers, colorful buntings and may be even posters. Create a unique centerpiece according to your theme. If you don’t have any ideas, consider placing the cake at the center of the room on an elaborately decorated table. Blow out balloons and hang them in bunches of 3-4 in strategic corners of the room. Use colorful streamers to accentuate the windows and the doors.
  • Buy favors beforehand so that you don’t have to rush in at the last moment. This also could be based on the theme or could be any funky item like sunglasses, coffee mugs, snapshots of the birthday, or belts and scarves. Make sure you have at least 4-5 extra pieces at your disposal, in case you receive more than expected guests.
  • No teenage party is complete without loud music. Your kid might know loads of other kids from school or neighborhood who might be good at playing music or may have a band. Ask them to arrange for a good DJ or get one yourself. It will help you save a lot of tension!
  • Make sure you arrange for loads of finger foods. Sandwiches, burgers, loads of lemonades, French fries, hot dogs, etc. will make your party one that will be remembered for ever. Instead of using your own plates and glasses, get disposable ones and keep loads of tissues handy.

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