Poodle skirt, once the favorite of the fashion conscious, is now worn only in costume parties. With this article, get to know how to make/sew a poodle skirt.

How To Make a Poodle Skirt

With time, fashions change and new styles come into vogue. The designs of the yesteryears are forgotten, remembered only when we go to a theme party or are dressing up for a play. One of the most popular costumes for a party, based on the theme of the previous decades, is the poodle skirt. It was counted amongst the most chic and fashionable dresses in the 1950s. The feminine look it gives to a woman makes it popular even today, though not in the routine life. So, next time you are invited for a costume party, why not make a poodle skirt for yourself at home. In case you need some help for the same, just check out the tips given below on ‘how to make a poodle skirt’.
How to Sew a Poodle Skirt
Items Needed
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pink Fabric (Taffeta, Fleece or Felt)
  • Tailor's Wax/ Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pink Thread
  • Peal-and-stick Velcro
For Poodle Attachment
  • Iron-on Paper
  • Printer
  • Sequin Ribbon
  • With the help of the measuring tape, take measurements of the person for whom you are making the skirt. Measure the waist and the length, from waist to just below the knees.
  • Buy a pink fabric, enough to make the entire skirt. You will be buying fabrics in two rectangles, with the long side of each rectangle being two times the length, from the waist to below the knees. On the other hand, the short side of the rectangle should be equal to a single length, from the waist to below the knees.
  • Take one of the fabrics and put it in front of you, in such a way that the longer side is horizontal. With the help of tailor's wax or chalk, mark the middle of the long side, at the top and bottom of the rectangle. Repeat the procedure with the second piece.
  • Take the tailor's wax or chalk and tie it to a string, with length being the same as the length you want for the skirt. Hold the loose end of the string at the mark you made at the top of the fabric. Pull the string and use it to draw a semi-circle at the bottom of the skirt. Repeat the procedure with the second piece of fabric.
  • Take the string, attached to the tailor's wax or chalk, and cut it to a length that is equal to half of the waist measurement. Again, hold the loose end of the string at the mark, you made at the top of the fabric. Pull the string and use it to draw an arc on the fabric. Repeat the procedure with the second piece of fabric.
  • With the help of scissors, cut along the arcs that you drew with tailor's wax or chalk. After you are through with this step, you will have both the halves of the poodle skirt.
  • Making use of the sewing machine, sew the sides of the skirt together. The front sides of both the pieces should be facing each other. One of the sides should be sewed from bottom to top. The second side, however, should be sewed from bottom-up, leaving around three inches from the top.
  • After you have completed the sewing of the skirt, it is the time to give it finishing touches. Add peel and stick Velcro to the seam that was left unstitched. Lastly, hem the bottom of the skirt.
  • Print an image of a poodle on iron-on paper. The paper should be placed on the skirt, face down, and pressed with a hot iron.
  • Make a rhinestone leash, by sewing the sequin ribbon onto your skirt, right from the neck of the poodle to the waist of the skirt.

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