Balloons can be used in many creative ways to make amazing hats, which are really fun to wear. Read the article to learn some easy tips on how to make balloon hat.

How To Make Balloon Hats

Balloons can be used in innovative ways to make different styles of hats. For young kids, making balloon hats can be a fun-filled activity that also allows them to be creative. In fact, a professional balloonist makes fabulous hats that are just out of the world. You don't really need any accessories other than just the balloons, to make amazing wearable hats. However, balloons can hurt if they burst suddenly and therefore, should be handled with care while trying to make a hat. The article comes up with some really cool tips on how to make balloon hats. So, go ahead and learn some interesting ways to make wonderful hats from balloons.
How To Make Balloon Hats
Balloon Jester Hat 
  • Take three balloons of three different colors, like red, blue and green.
  • Use a hand pump to blow them, but don’t inflate them fully. You need some part of the balloon left un-inflated, on the tip, so as to tie it up.
  • Make a triangle hat base. Twist the bubble at the end of each of the balloons, into the body of one of the other balloons, to make a triangle that fits your head.
  • Now, bring the long parts of the balloons together and twist them, so that a triangle is formed on your head. Make sure that you still have some small bits of balloon with air above the twist and the little tails.
  • Squeeze poodle tails into the ends. If you don't know how to make poodle tails, put the tail of the balloons in your mouth and suck some air inside to form a bubble. Pinch the neck of the balloon to trap the bubble when you take it out of your mouth.
  • Pinch the poodle tails to hold them as you bend the bubble arms down a bit. Your jester hat is ready. 
Balloon Bubble hat 
  • Blow the balloon halfway.
  • Start with the knot at the beginning and twist a 1 inch bubble of about 1-1½ fingers wide. The balloon will untwist if you fail to hang to both its ends. 
  • Now, take the second balloon and twist the same sized bubble in it. It won't break, because there is space left at the end of the balloon to accommodate extra air. It was for this reason why only half of the balloon was inflated in the first place.  
  • The next bubble that you make should be big enough in size (up to one foot) to fit your head. Now, twist the balloons together.
  •  Make a small bubble of about two inches or 3 - 4 finger width in length. Twist the balloon to make a bubble.
  • The bubble is now to be looped back into the two twisted balloons. The balloons have to be twisted together and should stay that way.
  • You can make another attempt, if the hat is not up to your satisfaction.

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