Make your birthday party attractive with balloon animals. Read more to find how to make balloon animals.

Making Balloon Animals

Balloons are a favorite among kids. A kid’s birthday party is incomplete without balloons. Balloons bring a fun-factor to the party. They are colorful, funny, and great for decoration and playing around and also serve as perfect favors. Ever thought of making your kids party more attractive by creating animal balloons? Animal balloons are both fun and exciting! What more? They are easy to make and are an inexpensive way to entertain kids at parties or any other occasion. Making balloon animals is easy! It takes only a few minutes to learn some basic moves. A few balloons, skills to do few basic moves and a little practice are the key ingredients to make your party attractive with animal balloons! From dog, swans to elephant, you can twist a balloon to form any of the animals. So, get set to impress your kids with amazing balloon creations. Here are some of the popular balloon animals and step-by-step instruction to make those attractive balloon animals.
Tips To Make Balloon Animals
What You Will Need 
  • A special balloon called 260
  • A good quality pump 
Balloon Elephant 
  • To start with balloon elephant, inflate a 260 balloon (2'' wide and 60'' long) leaving 5 to 6 inch at tail. Tie a knot at the end.
  • Next, by twisting the balloon make a bubble for the trunk, making it approximately three inches long. Make sure that it locks in place.
  • Now, you need to make ears for your elephant. Make a six-inch bubble and fold it in half.
  • Carefully, twist it around on its ends until it locks.
  • Make another six-inch bubble using the same method. Now, you have made ears for your elephant.
  • Now, twist a two-inch bubble to form neck.
  • Next, twist a three-inch bubble for one of the front legs.
  • Now, take the last two bubbles and fold them down alongside the remaining length of the balloon.
  • Attach these two bubbles with a locking twist to the balloon. With this, you will complete the front legs of the elephant.
  • Next, make a two-inch bubble for the body of the elephant.
  • Now, make a 3-inch bubble for one of the back legs.
  • Repeat the same procedure as done for the front legs. Fold the last two bubbles down alongside the remaining length of the balloon and lock them together with a twist.
  • Leave a small bubble for tail.
  • Next, carefully bend the trunk of the elephant in half and gently squeeze it with one hand.
  • While doing so, gently pull on the knot, this shall leave a small knot at the end.
  • Your balloon elephant is ready!  
Balloon Puppy 
  • Inflate a 260 balloon but leaving about 4 inches deflated at the end and tie off.
  • Now, starting from the knot, grab 3 inches of balloons.
  • Twist it three times to create a nose bubble. Hold this bubble to keep away from untwisting.
  • Now, create two more 2-inch sections of balloons to make ear bubbles. Hold at the bubbles together to prevent from untwisting.
  • By this time, the balloon should have three bubbles and a long section.
  • Now fold between ears and twist three times at noise joint. Make sure that this twist holds itself.
  • Your balloon should have now a nose, two ears, and a long body.
  • Grab enough of balloon to make a neck.
  • Now, create two more three-inch bubbles to make front legs. Hold them together.
  • Fold between legs and twist thrice at neck joint.
  • The balloon should have head, neck, front legs and long body.
  • Now, grab enough of balloon to make a body.
  • Twist and hold.
  • Make two more legs following the same as did for front legs.
  • Fold and twist three times at hip joint
  • Voila! Your balloon puppy is ready! 
Balloon Swan
  • Inflate a white 260 balloon but leaving about 4 inches deflated at the end and tie off.
  • Flatten the circle by bringing the end opposite the knot across the knot.
  • Twist everything together but ensure that you hold the knot fast.
  • Your body should now have two large loops with a long bubble sticking out from the joint point.
  • Squeeze one of the loops and tuck it through the center of the loop. This will form swan’s body
  • To make the head of the swan, fold the deflated end of the balloon back along the balloon body.
  • While holding the end in that position, squeeze the air from the main chamber just around the bend in the balloon. This will ensure that balloon stays in a bent position and create a curve for the swan’s head.
  • Pull the neck back so that twisted ends of the body loop are fast in place.
  • Here’s your swan!

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