Are you tired of the old streamers? Want to add more colour to the decorations at your wedding? This article will help you use balloons to decorate your dream wedding.

Wedding Balloon Decorations

A wedding is a very important occasion in the lives of the bride and bridegroom. A lot of things go into making a wedding perfect. One such thing is the decoration that is used for the receptions. Traditional decorations would consist of streamers and flowers, but there are those who wish to add more colours to the occasion by using balloons to decorate the venue. With balloons available in every shape, size and colour, it is not difficult to get creative with them and add an extra element to the wedding decorations. For the purpose of decoration for a wedding, it is generally advisable to use latex balloons. This article will explore ideas on how you can incorporate balloons into your wedding. However, don’t feel shy about getting creative about how else balloons can be used. The three most common ways of using balloons is to use them to make an arch, have them as a centre piece or use them on the walkways.
Decorating Weddings With Balloons
All weddings have a theme chosen for the occasion. Make sure that the balloons that you get match the theme chosen for the wedding. If you want, you can use different coloured balloons.
Balloon Columns
To make the balloon columns you will need balloons of different sizes and one giant balloon. You will also need a sturdy support structure to tie the balloons to. To make the column start with tying the bigger balloons to the base of the support structure and gradually make your way up. Keep tying the balloons in layers and make sure that the size of the balloons reduces as you go further up the column. To give the column a more authentic appearance, you can use balloons filled with air at the bottom and those filled with helium as you go higher. To give the grand finale to this column you can attach the giant balloon to the very top of the pillar. Once the pillar is ready you can place it on either sides of the entrance or next to the seats meant for the bride and the bridegroom.
Balloon Bouquet
A balloon bouquet is nothing more than a bunch of balloons tied together. To make the bouquet all you need to do is to take 3 balloons of the same colour and fill them with helium. Once they are filled, tie them together with some nice ribbons and add a fourth balloon to the mix. Let the fourth balloon be taller than the other three and arrange them in such a way that the taller balloon is in the centre. Once the bouquet is ready, it can be used as a centre piece on the tables.
Balloon Arch
Making a balloon arch is a very simple thing to do. All you will need are lots of balloons, an aluminium rod (bent in the shape of an arch) and stands to hold the aluminium arch in place. Once you have collected everything, start by placing the aluminium arch where you want the arch to actually be. Once the stands have been placed and the arch is stable you can start tying the balloons to the arch. Make sure that you tie them really close to the arch so as to not the let them hang loosely. Once the balloons have been tied, make sure that you have not left out any part of the aluminium frame exposed.
The number of ways in which you can use balloons at a wedding are only limited by your imagination. Hence, be open to different permutations and combinations.

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