If you are planning to have a fall wedding and wondering about the decorations, you have come to the right place. Read on to know some of the best autumn wedding decorating ideas right here.

Fall Wedding Decorations

What can describe better the beauty of nature during autumn (also called fall) than the Keats’ poem ‘Ode To Autumn’. The lines “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness; Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; Conspiring with him how to load and bless; With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run…” right describe the wonder of the season. Having a wedding in the autumn season is a very romantic notion. The union of hearts, amid the best of nature, is such a lovely sight. If you are also planning to tie the knot during autumn or have your close acquaintance’s wedding in this lovely season, certain arrangements need to be made. Among all other works involved in the preparation of a fall wedding, decoration forms a vital part. Here, we bring you some great ideas for fall wedding decorations, which you will definitely find handy and useful.
Autumn Wedding Decorating Ideas 
  • It is a great idea to choose a color scheme for your fall wedding decoration. You can choose from a variety of colors, like brown, leaf green, burgundy, yellow, purple, ivory and the various shades of orange. Use contrast colors for the decoration, as they will be even more poignant and attractive. Some of the most preferred color combinations are rich brown with pale blue, gold and ivory, purple and silver and pink with rich yellow or dark brown.
  • Get autumn leaves and decorate your aisle with them. You can either go for fresh leaves or buy the artificial ones. Fresh leaves have the disadvantage of drying out and becoming fragile soon. Artificial leaves are better in this respect. You can get a variety of artificial autumn leaves in the markets, made of cloth or polyurethane. The leaves can be easily attached to a pew or a chair, using the double-sided tape.
  • Decorate the archway using fall plants, like fern, grapevine, wheat and Indian corn. They make unique and extremely attractive décor items. You can weave the corn stalks, wheat and fall flowers, along with the colored tulle, in a readymade archway and give a grand welcome to your guests.
  • Use fall flowers like mums, roses, yarrow, daisies and others to make bouquets and decorate your wedding space with them. Confetti roses also make a great attraction for the wedding.
  • In the fall season, you can get ample of nuts and fruits. Use them, along with the flowers, to decorate the venue. For instance, you can put them in a basket and hang it from the ceiling. You can also use wicker baskets, with some fairy lights outlining their edges.
  • Make unconventional centerpieces by using pumpkin as jack-o-lanterns, for your fall wedding. You can light simple votive candles on each table as well, to make a simple, yet exquisite centerpiece.
  • You can take a silver or crystal bowl, fill it with bunches of grapes and keep it on table. You will be surprised to see that this simple item makes up a great centerpiece.
  • If you can get hold of some red and white Amaryllis, use them as wedding table centerpieces. They look great when arranged in a bouquet.
  • You can make your guests feel special by keeping pumpkin place card holder on their table. Select some mini pumpkins and a make semi-deep cut in their stem, using a sharp knife. Paste a place card into the cut. You can also use gourds or squash, instead of pumpkins.

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