Going ahead to order a wedding cake for an autumn wedding! Add some shades and elements of the fall season to decorate your wedding cake. Read the article to find ideas for fall wedding cakes.

Fall Wedding Cakes

Summer is considered to be the best season for getting married. A perfect weather with flowers all around, the season gives a festive feeling to the entire atmosphere. While most of us prefer a summer wedding, what to do if the date decided upon falls in the autumn season? Well, do not get upset, as you can still make the occasion a festive and special one, though in a different way. While it is true that decorations define the mood of the celebration, it is the wedding cake that steals the show for every marriage ceremony. Wedding cake is one of the most important aspects of the wedding. A little bit of creativity mixed with a dash of distinctive idea is all that you need to make your wedding cake resemble the fall season. This article provides you with decorative and unique ideas for fall wedding cakes. Go ahead and use them to add the season’s touch to the cake, making it look apt and taste delicious.
Ideas For Fall Wedding Cake Ideas
One of the most important aspects which you need to consider before ordering a wedding cake is the flavor. For a fall wedding, it is better to choose a cake with specific fall flavor, instead of a plain wedding cake. A pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting or a spice cake with blackberry filling and cream cheese frosting are few ideal options for a wedding cake in the fall season. An almond lemon cake with lemon frosting and filling is another great option for a fall wedding cake, which will remind the guests of the season.
Shapes & Add-ons
Once you are done with selecting the flavor of the wedding cake, it is time to look into the adornment of the cake. Add some decorations to give a detailed autumn touch to your cake. One of the best bets would be to decorate the cake with maple leaves, acorns and other fall inspired elements, made out of chocolate. Sugar or gum paste can also be used to give a seasonal look to the cake.
Color plays an important role when it comes to the designing of a fall-inspired wedding cake. Color palette of burnt orange, brown, yellow and red are few of the favorite shades that make an excellent choice for the autumn theme. You can add a hint of fall color with a simple chocolate ganache or an ivory butter cream cake trimmed with orange or yellow. A simple autumn color touch will be sufficient to make the cake suit the theme and look beautiful.
How about accentuating the cake with flowers? A great contrast to the fall season, isn't it? Flowers best speak the glory of love and what better way to celebrate the unison of the two of you than with a cake adorned with edible flowers. You can ask the baker to carve autumn flowers with an edible dye on the cake, giving it a classy look. You can also go for sugar version of the wedding flowers and keep it around the cake for that gorgeous look.
Choose Sides
There is no denying the fact that cake is one of the most luscious dishes offered in a wedding party. Be it the simple chocolate cake with choco chips or the pumpkin cake with cream cheese or any other flamboyant variety, the dish itself is sufficient enough to bring in saliva into the mouth. However, if you want to enhance the palatability of the cake, adding a side dish would be a great gamble. You can serve the cake with pumpkin ice cream or add a handful of caramel candies to each plate. Alternatively, you can serve the cake slices with warm poached pears.

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