Family parties are always a lot of fun. Check out some family party games that compliment the ‘fun factor’ at family parties.

Family Party Games

Loud uncles, meek aunties, pesky kids, gossip and peals of laughter make up one big family party. Family parties are blessed with loads of energy, but more often than not, this energy can get extremely chaotic. The liveliness (or the lack of it) has to be siphoned into a channel that gives the party more meaning and structure. Fun games can help a family party arrive at this end. There are thousands of games that can be played at a family party, but a certain amount of discretion is required when choosing the right game. The perfect game has to grab the attention of the kids, ‘young adults’ and adults at the party. A good party game has to be like a sport; although very few people are playing it, it’s still got a lot of people following it. The best party games are those that involve the participation of the entire party. That is why if the party game chosen sees everyone being a part of it, a thumbs up is what it gets. Here’s a collection of great party games that can inject large dosages of fun into your family parties.
Fun Family Party Games 

Of Mittens And Blindfolds
Blindfold a ‘party person’, make him/her wear mittens, and then proceed to line up a few uncles, aunties, and kids. Then ask the blindfolded individual to guess the names of the people he/she touches with the mittens on. Sounds like fun? Try it, it is! 

Hostile Eggs
Place two eggs on a table, tell your family members that one egg is boiled, and the other is not. Dare them to come up to the table, pick up the eggs and break it against their heads or with their hands. The person who chooses the boiled egg first gets a reward, the person who doesn’t just ends up with in an ‘eggy’ mess. 

Dance On And On And On
This game thrives on stamina. Play a couple of songs and get the kids and adults on the dance floor. The music goes on, the dancing doesn’t stop, for a minute or so at least. Soon, people start dropping out, the last man/woman/kid dancing wins the game. The only flipside to this game is this – you might have to deal with family members who have broken into a sweat, and dealing with sweaty party people is not something any one is too fond of. 

Eternal Hunt For A Chair
This is a game that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Announce to everyone present that you will hand over a huge sum of money to anyone who takes up your challenge. If a family member does, show him/her a chair at the center of a circle. Tell that person that he/she will have to get to, and sit on that chair after being blindfolded. Blindfold the person and then walk him/her around the room and bring back to the circle where the chair is supposed to be. Tell that person that he/she is close to the chair and all that has to be done is to locate the chair and sit on it. Let go off the person and rush to the chair and remove it from the circle, now signal to your family members to cheer out loud and make the blindfolded individual think that he/she is close to the chair. After a minute or so, ask your family member to remove the blindfold and look around, a surprise, there never was any chair. He/she was hunting for nothing! 

Dress You Up
This game should have around 4-6 teams participating, and each team should have around 3 players. One person is picked as a ‘model’ in each team. Now, the model in each team is dressed with clothes taken off his/her teammates. Makeup, shoes, shirts, ties; basically, anything is allowed to go on the model. Here’s where it gets better, the article of clothing taken off teammates shouldn’t be worn in the same manner as it was worn on the teammate. So, if a jacket is taken off a teammate, it can’t be worn like how a jacket traditionally would be worn. Select a couple of judges to judge the event. The models can wear the clothes on top of their own or undress first and try them on later. You’ll end up with comical results.

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