How about water games to beat the heat for children party? They are fun ways to make your party cool despite the heat around. Check out some easy water games that you can opt for your kids’ party.

Water Games For Kids Party

Playing water games is a good way to make your party cool, in spite of the heat around. Water is loved by almost all the kids and offers your party the option to be a little ‘different’ than the usual. A kids’ party without games is equivalent to no party at all. Games give an excitement to the party. And if they are water games, all the more better! The choice of water games depends on the nature of your party. You can either choose to go wet n wild or just switch to games that have water as one of their basic elements. While the former requires you to inform the guest to carry certain essentials with them, the later does not. Check out some of the fun water games that you can opt for a children party.
Easy Water games for Kids Party
Bucket Brigade
  • Divide kids into two teams and line them up, from start to finish line.
  • A kiddie pool or large bucket is available at the starting line.
  • Each of the players will have a bucket in hand.
  • The player closest to the water source scoops up a bucketful and pours it into the next closest player's bucket.
  • That player turns and does the same and so on, down the line.
  • The last player dumps whatever water is left into the finish line bucket.
  • The first team to fill their bucket wins.
  • Kids will get excited and try to go fast, spilling water on themselves and each other. A good way to beat the heat!!
Water War
  • Arm kids with an arsenal of water weapons, such as squirt guns, squirt bottles, sponges, water balloons - anything that can hold and/or shoot water.
  • Let them go wild!
  • The one who is the least drenched is the winner. You would have hard time choosing one.
Musical Sprinkler
  • Hook up a sprinkler to your water source, but don't turn it on yet.
  • Instruct players to move around the sprinkler area, dancing, hopping, or striking funny poses.
  • When the sprinkler is turned on, kids must freeze in position without moving until the sprinkler is turned off again.
  • This way they would enjoy music, dancing and splashes of water, now and then.
  • Bathing suit is a "must" for this game.

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