Teenage birthday party games are full of fun, energy and creativity. Go through the article, to explore some interesting & fun birthday party game ideas for teens.

Teenage Birthday Party Games

Teenagers are absolute party enthusiasts and channelize their energy in the party by being super active. Teenage is the period of transition, from childhood to adulthood. During this time, teens are powered with bundle of energies which they are always willing to expel. A party gives them just the right opportunity to expel out the abundant or surplus energy. Teenage parties can be organized by the teens themselves or by any other adult person. At the time of organizing a teenage birthday party, you should keep entertaining activities to keep the teens on the go at all times. Ideally, a teenage birthday party must be attractive and full of party games to ensure maximum participation of teens. In case you are throwing one such party and have been racking your brains for long for some fun games that can be played on a teenage birthday party, here’s a stop. Just take a look at the interesting games given below and help the teens have a blast!
Teen Birthday Party Games
The Balloon War
This is one of the highly popular party games among the teens. The teens are selected and split into teams. The deal is to steal the balloons from the opponents and to fill up the dance floor. It would be interesting to note how young boys and girls not only protect their own balloons from getting stolen, but also steal some from the rival team. You can then organize a balloon dance to end the game. 
The Man Hunt
The man hunt game is yet another out-of-the-ordinary teenage birthday party game. A revised version of traditional hide and seeks, the game is to find out the hiding place of the person named from the opposite team. Blindfold the person who is searching to add to the fun element. However, make sure that the play zone is a safe one.
The Wooden Spoons
If you really want to laugh your heart out and watch the teenagers enjoy to the maximum, then wooden spoons is the game to go for. In this game, one of the players is blindfolded. He/she has to find out the identity of others, using a wooden spoon. He/she is not allowed to touch the other players.
Shocking Question
In this game the teens are divided into two teams. One participant from each team asks the opposite team a pre decided questions. Each player from the opposite team is supposed to give an answer to the question. The person with most hilarious answer has to dare any task provided by the group.
This is another interesting game which is quite hilarious in nature. In this game, acronyms are worked upon to create interesting and funny definitions from randomly selected word like MATH become Mentally Affected Teacher Harassment. The one with the most interesting and hilarious answer is declared the winner.
Act it Out
In the game Act it Out, participants have to act or mime. The teens are divided into two teams. Participants from one team give a name of a movie or a song to a member of the opponent team. He/she has to mime or act the name for his/her team to guess it.
All on One Side
In this game, each participant is given a balloon. A situation is created wherein all the participants have either to dance or bumping into each other. The aim is not to let the balloon touch the ground in the process.
It is another interesting game which is like a treasure hunt. Clues are let scattered and one has to find them and guess the correct location of the ambush site with in the area.
Other Games
Apart from the above mentioned activities, games like musical chairs, apples to apples and bingo are also great entertaining games for the teenagers. These games ensure full participation from every one.

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