Go bonkers this birthday with fun birthday party games and have a blast of your life. Check out the article for more on birthday party games and get playing.

Birthday Party Games

Wish to surprise your kid with a birthday party he is going to remember for years to come? If yes, then boosting up your celebration spirit with some high on thrill and fun exciting birthday games can work for you. Kids love fun and it takes a little more than just cakes, balloons and healthy subs to make their birthdays an unforgettable affair. Now you don’t really need to bank on theme parks or recreation clubs to get your celebrations going. Often pepping up the party spirit with some fun exciting birthday games can get your kid delighted. Plan a birthday party that is choc-a-bloc with exciting games and a matching party theme and set the party rolling. Birthday is indeed one occasion where even the grownups can afford to let their hair down and be silly. After all, what better fun than to let your inhibitions down and be kids again? Here are some exciting birthday party games for all birthdays. Read them for better ideas and get partying.
Fun Games For Birthday Parties
Pin The Bow Tie On The Bear
Birthdays are no fun without their share of birthday games. Whether you plan to surprise your little one or just wish to add a dash of fun to your birthday celebrations, this pin the bow tie on the bear game is sure to double the fun. For this game, you will need ten or more players, a pin bow tie, a bear and ablindfold. To play this game, blindfold your players, spin them to and fro and then direct them towards the bear. The challenge is to pin the tie in the right place. Whichever player pins the tie closest to the neck wins the game.
Balloon Burst Relay
Now which birthday celebration can do without balloons? Balloons are a part of almost all birthdays and something as entertaining as balloon burst relay can just spruce up the fun like nothing else. If you are hosting a big birthday bash at your place, balloon burst relay is the game to go for. You will need a minimum of sixteen players to start off with. Divide the players into two teams of eight each and queue them up in a straight line. Now give the players a balloon each and ask them to race till they reach the post and burst the balloon. The team that finishes the relay first wins the race.
Passing The Hat
You must have heard of the favorite birthday game—passing the parcel. Now passing the hat is almost a second variation of this eternal favorite game. To play this game, you will need a minimum of eight players and a big hat. Make the players sit in a circle and turn on the music. Now pass the hat. Each player has to don the hat for at least a second before passing it on to the next kid. Now, pause the music in between and look out for the player donning the hat. The one who wears the hat at that given moment is asked to step out of the game. This is done till one single player remains. The one who lasts till the end is the winner of the game.
Walkathon is indeed a fun game that is sure to be loved by most kids. For this game, you will need at least a dozen players. Ask each kid to write a number on the floor, from 1 to 12, if you are using twelve players. Now the children are asked to walk over the numbers. You will need to have a background music support for this game. Play the music and then pause it in between and call out for any umber. The player standing on that particular number is declared out. The player who survives till last is the winner.
The Mummy
If you have loved the flick ‘The Mummy Returns’, chances are that you will love this game too. To play this game you will need to have two groups of four players each. You can select a team leader from each of the teams. Now hand over toilet roll to each of the teams and ask them to wrap it around their leader from head to toe. Set the timer on and see which team covers their mummy in the given time. The team with the best covered mummy wins.

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