No birthday celebration is complete without games and gifts. This birthday, bring in all the excitement and fun with these fun indoor birthday party game ideas and get your guests beaming.

Indoor Birthday Party Games

Your kid’s birthday just around the corner and you are planning to surprise your little one with a fun party! Treat your child to a bigger surprise this year with an indoor birthday bash that he is going to remember for years to come. Gang up with his pals and plan out some exciting indoor games that he is going to love. Games have forever been the highlight of birthday parties and so have been the gifts associated with them. Celebrating your kids birthday with some dedicated efforts and creativity would ensure that your little guests go home bubbling with excitement. Planning the decoration, food, return gifts and even games in advance will help you make your party a talk among the guests. Indoor party games will serve as great add-ons to your child’s birthday celebration. They will boost participation, allow children to get together and also help your child make friends with the kids next door. So while planning your kid’s birthday bash, don’t miss out on some fun party games. Here are some exciting indoor birthday games to choose from. Read on to get going.
Fun Indoor Birthday Party Game Ideas
Musical Chairs
This game needs little introduction and makes to the favorite list of fun party games in nearly all birthday bashes. Revolving round action, music and fun, all it takes is a few chairs, a CD player and a gang of enthusiast participants to get the game going. In this game, chairs are arranged back to back, with the total number of chairs just one less than the total number of players. As soon as the music is turned on, the players walk round the chairs. They have to grab an empty seat as soon as the music is switched off. The player left standing is out. The game begins again, with one chair removed. It goes on and on until the one of the two people left in the end secures the final chair.
Freeze Dance
Freeze dance is another regular musical party game, much loved and enjoyed by kids. In this game, the music is played and kids are asked to jig as they like. The fun part is that when the music is suddenly switched off and the kids are asked to freeze in whatever position they are. If anyone moves from their place or shows slightest change in their posture, they are eliminated from the game. This indeed causes a lot of mirth, since the odd postures invite a lot of laughter.
Simon Says
'Simon Says' is another fun party game that you can include when planning your kid’s birthday. In this game, one of the boys is named Simon, who is then made the leader. Now, everybody else follows his commands. This boy is required to say ‘Simon Says’ every time he gives an order and the rest of the kids are expected to follow. However, if he gives an order without saying ‘Simon Says’, and anyone obeys that command, that particular child is eliminated from the game. The one remaining till the end is the winner.
Balloon Stuffing
Balloon stuffing is huge fun if played in a team. In this game, the players are expected to stuff in as many inflated balloons as possible, under their clothes. The team with the maximum number of balloon under the clothes is declared as the winner. A timer is set, and each participant has to stuff in maximum number of balloons to win the game. Wearing loose clothes definitely comes as an advantage in this game.
Dark Room
Dark Room is a modified version of the much-loved game hide and seek. In this, children hide in a semi-dark room and one of them has to find out all the kids from their hidden locations. However, ensure safety of the children before including this game. You can also be a stand on guardian, while this game is being played, to avert all accidents and any cheating too.

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