Do you want to throw a birthday party in the most economical way? If yes, then explore the ideas given in the article and learn how to plan birthday party on a budget.

Economical Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a dazzling birthday party, within a limited budget, may seem to be a tedious task. This is because you have to throw a memorable party for your loved ones with the minimum expenses, ensuring that the charm of the occasion is not lost due to budget constraints. In order to throw a party within a limited budget, you need to plan it out in a tactful manner, right from the invitations to the favors. Check out the economical birthday party ideas given in the lines below to arrange a party that is memorable, but doesn't burn a hole in your pocket!
How To Plan Birthday Party On A Budget 
  • Choose an inexpensive location for the birthday party. This could be your home, backyard or a park. You can also check whether the community center in your locality is available at a cheap rate.
  • The best way to cut the cost is to invite the guests personally, instead of sending the invitations via mail or courier. You can also opt for e-mailing or sending SMS text messages to your guests, inviting them to grace the occasion.
  • Make use of homemade party decorations for decorating the venue. You can make beautiful and inexpensive decorations at home only. For ideas, explore the internet.
  • If possible, bake the birthday cake on your own. You can make delicious cakes using the recipes available in cookery books/ internet. Decorate the cake with canned frosting.
  • Since you are planning an economical birthday party, it is suggested not to spend excess money on a lavish dinner. Simple, but tasty, food will satisfy both the guests and the host. Include snacks in the menu. You may make individual cupcakes for the children. A juice box, a scoop of ice cream, chips and some candy bars will be good to satisfy the taste buds of all.
  • The games and activities for the party should be kept simple and traditional. 'Musical Chair', 'Pin the Tail on Donkey', 'Dumb Charades' and 'Pass the Parcel' are simple, yet interesting games, which do not require the use of props or expensive supplies. Do not forget to assign prizes for the winner. Here also, you can cut the cost, by giving homemade gifts. As far as activities are concerned, you may just play the music and arrange some dance and singing competitions for the participants.
  • For the favors, fill goody bags with treats such as cookies and chocolates. You can also make use of homemade crafts, as favors. Remember, being imaginative is more important than spending money.

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