Express your love for your grandparents through some beautiful crafts. Browse through the bright ideas on easy Grandparents Day crafts, given in this article.

Craft Ideas For Grandparents' Day

Specially dedicated to the eldest members of the family, Grandparents Day is the occasion to rejoice the special bond that we share with our grandmas and grandpas. A nice way to pass the time on this special occasion is to indulge in recreational activities, such as making crafts. Beautiful crafts can be made, which are inexpensive as well as easy to prepare. Add a little bit of creativity while decorating the crafts and present it to your grandparents, to express your gratitude and love towards them, on the occasion. Check out the article and get some easy crafts ideas for Grandparents Day.
Easy Grandparents Day Crafts
Family Tree
  • Family tree is a fun and interesting project for both adults and kids.
  • For this craft, you need a twig with many branches.
  • Affix the twig in a Styrofoam cup, filled with clay.
  • Cut out the shape of mid-sized leaves from a green construction paper.
  • Using a marker, write the name of the family members on the leaves, starting from the grandparents to the children.
  • Tie the leaves to the branches of the twigs, using small pieces of yarn. 
Twig Picture Frame
  • Choose a family photograph to insert in the frame.
  • Collect two bunches of twigs, with six twigs in each bunch. One set of the twigs should be 2 inches longer, while the other bunch should be 2 inches wider, than the photo.
  • Arrange the twigs in such a way that they surround the photograph, extending one inch outward in each direction.
  • Tie the twigs at each corner, using a string. Make sure that they make an 'X' pattern at their corners.
  • Glue the photo onto the back of the picture frame, using hot glue.
  • Attach a small loop of string to the top of the frame, to hang it. 
Family Collage
  • On this Grandparent's Day, make a giant family collage and present it to your grandparents!
  • Cut a wide variety of photographs of your family, both black and white and color, from the old albums.
  • On a large poster board, glue on the photographs, using craft glue.
  • Mark a border for the collage, using a marker.
  • Decorate the border with glitters.
  • You may label the pictures, using a marker, and include the date or year when the photograph was taken.
'Sweet Memories' Scrapbook
  • Make a scrapbook for your grandparents, so that they recollect the sweet memories on the auspicious day.
  • You may either compile sheets of paper and tie them using a ribbon, or purchase a scrapbook from the market for the purpose.
  • On the right side of the scrapbook, paste old photographs of your family. Give a caption at the bottom of each image, describing it.
  • Assign the pages on the left side of the scrapbook for the family members, where they can write something about the photographs that have been pasted on the corresponding side, say a comment or some old memories.

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