Holidays arts and crafts present the perfect option to keep your children busy and out of mischief. You will get lots of easy kids' art and craft ideas for holidays, in this article.

Holiday Arts And Crafts For Children

Moving the children away from the TV, computer or video games, especially during holidays, is surely not an easy task for the mothers. It becomes all the more difficult in the extreme summers, when the sun is at its scorching best, and extreme winters, when snow has fully blanketed the surroundings. What to do now? Simple, make them involved in some easy kids' arts and crafts for holidays. It will not only help them pass away the time, but also stimulate their creative impulses. However, do make sure that you are ready with the supplies beforehand. The holiday arts and crafts for children, detailed in the following lines, will surely come handy.
Easy Kids' Art and Craft Ideas For Holidays
Flower Cushion
Supplies Needed
  • Fabric, in yellow and red colors
  • Scissors
  • Stitching Thread
  • Embroidery Thread, in red color
  • Needle
  • Zip 
  • First, you need to cut two round pieces of cloth, of slightly bigger size than the cushion, from the yellow fabric.
  • With the help of embroidery thread and needle, embroider eyes and mouth on one of the yellow rounds
  • Next, cut around 10-15 small circles, much smaller than the yellow ones, from the red fabric.
  • Fold the red circles into half circles, stitching the round ends together.
  • Now, stitch the half circles to the yellow piece, with the eyes and mouth embroidered on it, all around its circumference.
  • Take the other yellow piece and attach a zip in its center, for putting in the cushion.
  • Stitch together the two yellow pieces, on the wrong side.
  • Finally, turn over the cover and put the cushion in it. 
Countdown Clock
Supplies Needed
  • Paper Plate
  • Black Craft Foam
  • Purple Craft Foam
  • Purple Foam Circle
  • Metal Fastener
  • Pink Glitter Glue
  • Purple Glitter Glue
  • Black Marker
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • White Craft Glue
  • Scissors 
  • Cover the entire paper plate with pink glitter glue and set it aside, to dry.
  • From the black foam, cut the arms of the clock and from the purple foam, cut a strip about 4" long.
  • With the help of glue, attach purple circle to one end of the purple foam strip.
  • Draw a firework on the purple circle, with pink and purple glitter, and let it dry.
  • At the ends of both the clock arms, make a small hole, where the fastener will be inserted.
  • Make a small hole in the center of the decorated paper plate and write the clock number on it, using the marker.
  • Place the clock arms' holes on the paper plate hole in such a way that the three are in line. Now, insert the fastener through the holes.
  • Close the back of fastener, loose enough to let the clock arms move.
  • With the help of black paint and paintbrush, make a border of the clock.
  • Glue the 'time marker' to the back of the plate, aligning the firework with the time you want on the clock.

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