There are many crafts that can be made with otherwise useless CDs. Check out some exciting CD craft ideas given below.

Crafts To Make With CDs

As the modern day world is becoming technologically advanced, CDs and other digital storage devices have started being an integral part of the routine lives of people. In today's digitalized world, absolutely nothing can be done without the help of computers, which have reached every nook and corner of the system. In effect, a number of CDs are used and disposed on a daily basis. Though after being discarded they do not serve their basic purpose, they can be very well used to make some unique crafts. It may sound weird, but making compact disc crafts is quite exciting and fun filled, giving vent to your creativity. Read on to explore some interesting craft ideas that can be made with CDs.
Crafts to Make With CDs
CD Photo Frame
You can make a lovely photo frame from a CD. For this, preheat oven to 250 degrees. Take a large bowl, mix flour, salt and water in it. Knead it with hands, to get a doughy consistency. It should neither be too sticky, nor too dry. Now, shape a base for your photo frame. It should be at least 1 inch deep and 2 inch around. It can be of any shape, as per your desire. With the help of a cardboard or a table knife, make a slot in the base.
Reach up to half way down through base and wiggle it back and forth a little, to make space. Bake this on a cookie sheet for 2 - 2.5 hours or air dry overnight. Paint the base with your favorite colors and let it dry. The photo to be attached to the frame should be cut into a 3 inch circle. Attach it to the CD with double face tape. You can cover the rear of the CD with sticky back felt. Apply glue to secure the CD into the slot in base.
You can make a pretty candleholder by using a CD. With the shiny side up, glue a candle onto the CD. This will serve as the candle stand.  You can decorate it by a sheath of fresh flowers or artificial flowers. You can also stick beads onto the CD, to make it appear different. This would even prove to be a decorative item as the shiny surface of the CD will act as a mirror, reflecting the glow of the candle.
Coaster Set
A shiny coaster set can be easily made with the help of CDs. You can personalize these coasters by sticking images over them. These will serve to be durable protective table coasters, which can even be prepared for special occasions. The images you stick on them will define the type of occasion they will be used at.
CD Ornaments

You can make decorative CD ornaments by decorating them and hanging them on the Christmas tree or at the entrance of your house or room. These items are good showpieces for party. For this, take two CDs and stick them back to back. Before sticking them together, sandwich a loop of cord between them for hanging. You can deck the CD with gemstones, glitter and other shimmer materials, as you may find appealing.

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