Long distance relationships have become a common factor in this fast paced world and make us miss out on special days also. Read to know some interesting long distance birthday celebration ideas.

Long Distance Birthday Ideas

If you are celebrating the birthday apart this year and want to make your loved one feel special, then you need to gear up and be uber creative. After all it would take a big gesture to demonstrate love and care for your loved one with the distance of miles and miles in between. It can be anything, from a surprise visit to see your special one on his/her birthday or a homemade gift that represents your feelings; the idea is to be thoughtful and creative. These gestures should be personalized and show the individual that you care. People love to feel special on their birthdays. This is one time of the year when the whole day is about the birthday boy/girl. One simply wakes up on his/her birthday feeling special and happy and a little bit of expectation also builds up in his/her heart, wanting to be treated specially by his/her loved one. You do not want your precious one to feel disappointed on his/her birthday; put in your one hundred percent and start preparing to come up with an idea for the birthday surprise months in advance. If you will just buy a random gift and send it to the birthday boy/girl, he/she is sure to feel like you have not put in any exceptional efforts into it. To maintain any long distance relationship is a tough thing already, there are only few special occasions to validate in the mind of your loved one that you care and birthdays are one of those occasions. Therefore, it calls for a grand gesture, which does not mean that it needs to be expensive but it should be grand in demonstration of your feelings. If you feel confused and do not quite know how to make someone feel wonderful on his/her birthday, sitting miles apart from him/her then here we are to rescue you. In this article we have compiled together various distinctive ideas for long distance birthdays.
Long Distance Birthday Ideas
Celebration Package: How about not just one gift but a wonderful birthday hamper! You can make your loved one feel happy on his/her birthday by sending a celebration package full of birthday goodies, like: candles, cake, balloons, birthday hats, streamers, a bottle of champagne and may be his/her favorite movie. This will ensure that your loved one will have an amazing time on his/her birthday.
Birthday Dinner: You can arrange for your loved one and may be his/her best buddy to go out on a special dinner on his/her birthday. You can make the reservation in advance and place an order for his/her favorite champagne or bottle of wine. This might be a little expensive for you but it will leave your special one feeling extremely special on his/her birthday. Alternatively, you can get a delicious assortment of dinner sent to your loved one’s house on the special day.
Be There: Get a plane ticket or a train ticket or hop in that car and surprise your loved one. You can show up at his/her doorstep and give him/her a big birthday hug. There is nothing bigger than this that you can gift your loved one on his/her birthday.


Step By Step Birthday Surprise

  • The first step is to gather all the birthday items. Birthday candles, streamers, banners, birthday hats, whistle, gifts and a music CD with the person's favorite songs. Get a freshly baked cup cake, nicely packed in an air tight container. Pack all these items in a box and courier it to the person.
  • Make sure that the courier reaches the person on the day of his/her birthday.
  • The next step is to order his/her favorite flowers from a florist. These days, most of the florists have branches at other cities as well. If you do not find one, then look for someone who stays in the same city to do the work for you. Arrange it in such a way that the flowers are delivered at around 7:15 in the evening.
  • Order the person's favorite food from a preferred restaurant. Make them home deliver the food at a specific time, preferably at around 7:30.
  • Instruct the person that the gifts should not be opened until the time you call him/her at night.
  • Call the person in the evening and make him/her open the courier. Make him/her do the following things: hang the banner, blow the whistle, put the candle in the cup cake and lay out the presents.
  • By this time, the flowers would have been delivered and whilst the birthday boy/girl still digests all the things that you have sent, dinner would be delivered as well.
  • Make sure you have prepared the same food which you have ordered for the birthday boy/girl. Eat the food together even though you are miles apart.
  • After the dinner is over, ask the person to switch onto a music player and listen to the CD you have sent while you are still talking. A riot of emotions would pass through the person's mind. It would be hard to make out if he/she is surprised or emotional. This would be as good as you being there on your loved one’s birthday. Your physical absence will be covered by all the thoughts and efforts that you will put into making him or her happy on his/her birthday. Though distance would still be a reality, the effort to celebrate the birthday would definitely curb it.


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