The idea behind a garden party is to celebrate the onset of spring, which ushers in budding flowers, fruits and leaves. Look out for tips and ideas for planning a garden party.

Garden Party Ideas

The deserted look which prevailed in the freezing winters gives way to the alluring beauty of nature, to be enjoyed and cherished by people during the spring season. Garden party is an ideal way to relish the season and adore your budding garden flowers and leaves. In fact, it is the perfect way to celebrate the onset of spring. In case you want to celebrate the wonderful change in the season, then throwing a garden party in your backyard would be the best bet. Look out for tips given in the following lines, which you must keep in mind while planning a garden party.
Garden Party Planning Ideas 
  • The first step of the garden party would be to send out invitations. You may make use of personalized party invitation with the clip art or photograph of a beautiful garden. This would surely convey your message to the party guests.
  • Decorations for the garden party should be done keeping in mind that your garden is already beautified by the blooming flowers. Since garden is the backdrop for the party, you should decorate by focusing on the elements of the place, such as its trees, shrubs, creepers, flower pots etc. Just complement the beautiful flora, by making use of garlands and bunches of flowers as decorative items for the venue.
  • The food you choose for the menu of your garden party should be such that it complements the nature of your party. Therefore, include the foods that have a lot of use of garden vegetables and greens. This way, you can reflect the theme of your party in the menu as well. You may include an exciting variety of salads and the like, in the garden party menu.
  • Assign a dress code for the guests, to complement the theme of your garden party. Vibrant colors and floral patterns are a great complement to the blooming flowers in the garden. Inform about the same to your guests a few days prior to the party. The best way to ensure that your guests follow the dress code is to include a few lines about the dress code in the party invitation itself.
  • A party is very boring if it does not have games in it. Pick games that everyone in the party would enjoy to play in your garden. Games for a garden party should be such that they involve nature as their elements. While playing the games, make sure that your guests best utilize the space in the garden, rather than by just sitting at a place. This way, they would be able to explore every nook and corner of your garden and enjoy its scenic beauty as well.
  • Favors also form a very important part of any party. Choose items that reflect the nature of your garden party, so that the memories of the party linger in the minds of your guests for a long time. Choose items such as animal salt and pepper shakers, salad server sets, perfumed candles or a satchel of home-grown vegetables, from your garden.

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