Garden parties are synonymous with fun and enjoyment. While gardens are already beautiful, a little bit of decoration can further accentuate the look. Learn how to decorate for a garden party.

Garden Party Decorations

Are you planning to host a grand function and want to arrange it outside, in your garden space? Well, the idea is worth implementing! An outdoor garden party is a fabulous way to celebrate any occasion in style and make merry with family and friends minus claustrophobia and cluttered surrounding. The natural lush green ambience provides a perfect set up to host a grand get-together. While gardens are already exotic and lovely, the challenge lies in setting up a décor for the garden party. It requires a coherent idea and quality selection, to convert an otherwise quiet and calm garden environment into a perfect party area. You can use your creative ideas to make the ambience all the more elegant and appealing to the eyes. Remember, a well-designed and decorated garden will add to the ambience, making the party an unforgettable experience for both the hosts and the guests. This article provides you with ideas on how to decorate for a garden party.
How To Decorate For A Garden Party
  • One of the quintessential ways to accentuate the look of the garden for a party would be with the garden arch. Apart from being a decorative element, an arch will serve as the entrance to the garden party, posing as a unique welcome for your guests into the garden. You can decorate the arch with fresh flowers or faux vines. While fresh flowers would add color, fragrance and beauty to the arch and blend well with the other colorful decorations of the garden, the latter would give the impression of crawling vines.
  • If you want to add a splash of romance and interest all over the setting, a gazebo would do the trick. It would be a special add on to the decorations. You can even make your summerhouse more attractive by dressing it up with fresh floral arrangements, along with a colorful bow or a ribbon. You can also drop tulle over the posts to add on to the subtle look of the gazebo.
  • While the flowers would weave in their magic for the party, you can take a step ahead and add life to the natural exquisiteness by lighting up the place. Lighting will add a mystical touch and beauty to the garden decoration. For a romantic setting, you can put candles into the lanterns or any other decorative candle holder and place them on tabletops or line them throughout the garden. For a simple yet elegant look, you can hang few lose strands of lights over trees, around the deck or around the fence posts to make the ambience look invoking.
  • Solar lighting can be a good option to dazzle the garden party ambience. You can purchase or hire a solar lighting projection lantern with an etched pattern on the glass that gives out lovely swirls. Combine the lights with furniture decoration and other accessories to create a fabulous ambience.
  • As for the table décor, you can decorate your party tables by choosing different colors and design of tablecloth. However, the classic choice for a garden party table décor is a white tablecloth. You can even add layers of printed patterns such as floral prints over your white tablecloth. You can choose beautifully carved napkins, place mats and a solid color cutlery to add on to the beauty of your party table.
  • As for the centerpiece, what can be a better option than flowers for a garden party! You can place various white tulips inside a crystal vase and decorate each tabletop. You can even use different flowers for different tables. For a magical touch, get bowls of the same size and fill them with water. Add petals of flowers in the bowl and some floating votives. Your guests are sure to go gaga for the décor.

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