Garden weddings look extremely posh and are extremely easy to style. Here are some amazing garden wedding decorations ideas for you to explore. Read on to get inspired.

Garden Wedding Decorations

Forget a white wedding in a church, the expensive reception, the doves and the rice! How about an open air garden wedding, that not only looks opulent, but is surprisingly cost-effective too? Today, weddings are slightly more informal affairs than the past, with the aisle stretching beyond the confines of church to more exotic locations and scenic gardens. Garden weddings do not just lend an air of privacy, but they also add to the sophistication of your event and look awesomely august and grand. For couples who are all game to exchange vows beneath a canopy of sky, garden weddings are just the best bet for them. Garden wedding makes a stylish and sophisticated statement. Just put up a grand wedding gazebo and barbecue and watch your guest go gaga over it. Garden weddings are best done when the blooms are at their best that is during spring and summer. If you are all set to tie the knot and plan to go for a garden wedding, reading the following decoration ideas on it will help. Just read on to get planning.
Garden Wedding Decoration Ideas
  • In an open air wedding, a garden is where all the pomp and show lies. Thus, it’s doubly important to see all the blooms, shrubs, trees and foliages are as groomed as the bride herself. A shabby, unkempt garden will only mar the charm of a garden wedding. Use garden-themed centerpieces such as jar vases, single stem vases, terra cotta pots, miniature bird baths, bird houses, or watering can vases to spruce up the décor of the place.
  • Turn your wedding into a memorable picturesque affair with a lovely outdoor wedding. A well-manicured lawn will just add to the scenic elegance of your wedding. So, before you take on the curved lawns, clipped topiaries and manicured flower beds, just don’t forget to trim you grass for a touch of sophistication.
  • Flowers are the stars of any wedding, outdoor or indoors. You can either chose to go all floral by creating a riot of vibrant blooms, exotic potted plants and bushes or just keep it romantically simple by scattering rose petals in the pathways, decking up wedding cake with petals and more. Tulips, freesias, daffodils, sweet peas are best choices for spring, while larkspur, cosmos, snapdragons and daisies are the ideal bet for summers. Chrysanthemums, coreopsis and sunflowers would make for excellent choices during fall.
  • A garden wedding can be transformed into a total stunning affair by adding the natural hues to the wedding theme and color. You can use colorful festoons to decorate the arches and gates and a rose covered arbor to add floral elegance to your wedding deck up.
  • For table decorations, you can use floral centerpieces or candles for a touch of warmth and elegance. You can use silk flowers to add a more sophisticated feel to your décor, but fresh blooms will any day be a show stealer. You can even use stylish candle bras or floating candles for a light romantic pep up.
  • A garden wedding is almost incomplete without a trellis. Trellis can be used as an entry gate to the aisle or the wedding stage. You can deck up trellis with flowers or shimmery satin ribbons and helium balloons for that wonderful wedding ambience. You can deck up the aisle with petals or flowerpots and use arches too for a more definite feel of grandeur.
  • Which wedding is complete without lights, camera and action? Use string lights, candles, tiki torches or helium lanterns to brighten up your garden wedding space. Position the ceremony altar behind a beautiful backdrop for great wedding photographs.
  • Use beautiful benches, gazebos, and arches to match the wedding décor. You can also consider using a fountain, floral planters, or multiple gazing balls to add more sophistication to the setting.

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