Decorating a car for wedding has been a long held tradition serving as a great way to conclude any wedding. Read the article to find ideas on how to do wedding car decorations.

How To Do Wedding Car Decorations

Just like other rituals and traditions that are performed to make the big celebration of wedding proceed perfectly, decorating a wedding car is also one amongst them. If you were of the opinion that decorating a car for the wedding is a tough job, think again. There are numerous ways of decorating a wedding car, which can turn out to be an extremely fun-filled activity instead. The getaway wedding car should be creatively adorned in a fun, festive and tasteful manner that looks attractive and appealing to the eyes. Decorating the wedding car should be planned in advance so that it turns out to be a pleasant surprise for the newly wed couple. Go through the lines below to find unique ideas for decorating a wedding car that remain embedded in the minds and photographs of the newly married couple. Go ahead and transform your ordinary car into a royal chariot. Let everyone know that the couple has just got married!
Ideas For Decorating A Car For Wedding
Fresh Flowers
Nothing can match the charisma and dramatic effect of flowers on a decorated wedding car. Sticking flowers has been one of the traditional and most popular options as far as decorating a wedding car is concerned. Make a beautiful bouquet out of your favorite flowers and tie them on the hood. Alternatively, you can embellish the hood of your car with a classic flower wreath in the shape of a heart. Tie small corsages to each handle of the car..
Tulle and Ribbons
Wedding decorations mostly consist of tulle and ribbons and wedding car decorations are no exception to them. Combine tulle and ribbons with fresh flowers and use them in different ways on the car. Tie few red ribbons with tulle flowers and place them beneath the ‘Just Married’ sign. For a summer wedding, use silver and golden ribbons, while a winter wedding car is best done in shade of hot pink. For an upscale wedding, using cream colored ribbons would be more appropriate. However, cream colored ribbons do not go well with cars in the shade of white and silver. You can also mantle the ribbons all over the car or use them in the form of bow.
Silk Flowers
For those who are willing to shell out a hefty amount on fresh flowers, silk flowers come as a great rescue to them. They are not only apt for formal weddings, but also look very classy and absolutely stunning. You can go for off-white silk flower corsages or a large heart-shaped wreath. You can also use semi precious stones or other embellishments that blend well with silk flowers.
The modern-day weddings can be seen using everything different and unique in all the spheres of wedding, right from invitations to venues to favors. They also look out for innovative ways to decorate their getaway cars. Unique messages written with liquid chalk or glass markers is one popular trend followed in wedding car decorations. Messages like ‘Just Married’, ‘Honk! We’re just married’, ‘Hitched’, are some messages you can choose from. Do not overdo the messages and avoid obstructing the driver’s view.
The most inexpensive and least time consuming decorating option is to use balloons. Decorating a car with balloons is most suitable for beach or summer weddings and should be avoided in case of a formal or an upscale wedding. In case you are going for balloons, go for the red heart-shaped ones - what better way to express the joy of the new beginning than with the embodiment of love!

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