Wedding shower decoration needs to be in sync with the overall theme of the marriage. Read on to explore decorating tips and ideas for a wedding shower.

Decorating Ideas For A Wedding Shower

The bridal shower is so passé. Today, the trend is to throw a couple's shower, also known as wedding shower, to honor both bride and groom. Also many men and women are opting out of their traditional bachelor and bachelorette parties. Wedding shower becomes an excuse to throw a party for both of them and makes sure no one feels left out. Throwing a wedding shower party is no rocket science; you just have to keep little things in mind. The first thing that any guest notices is the decoration, as the adornment is the key element in any party. So, if you have decided to throw a wedding shower, here are some decorating ideas to help you out in the task.
Wedding Shower Decoration Tips
Choose A Theme
It’s always good to have a theme, which lets you choose the decorations easily. Select a theme according to your budget. It can be either an elegant tea party or a garden party or even a party near a lake. The decoration that you choose depends on what the couple likes. It’s always better to add a romantic aura to the environment, regardless of whether your party is outdoors or indoors. Whatever you choose, make sure that theme is a classy, upscale and sophisticated one and not a dance bar type.
Decoration Ideas For Indoor Wedding Shower
Beautify the center table with tulle netting over a white tablecloth. You can get the tulle color, keeping in mind your theme and color combination for everything else. Experiment with the tulle as much as you like, keep it flat on the table or bunch it around the center (keeping the centerpiece on top). Make the centerpieces with a tall glass, with sand, shell and votive candles in them. For the centerpieces, you can go with large white flowers, floating in a clear vase.
You can even decorate the party with candles. Candles actually make it more romantic and being indoors, it won’t blow out from the wind. Go for heart-shaped latex balloons. Tie them down to every chair or to the centerpieces. Tie a curling ribbon on the end. It’s a simple and sophisticated and won’t cost you big bucks. For the centerpieces, you can go for heart shaped candles to add a dramatic effect or sprinkle rose petals or heart shaped confetti on every table.
Decoration Ideas For Outdoor Wedding Shower
For garden, lake-side or backyard party, the decorations should be done keeping in mind the nature. You may want to keep candles, but even a small breeze will blow them out. So, use tiny Christmas lights instead. Decorate them in heart shapes around the tables. For the centerpieces, go for cute little lanterns. You can even go with the portrait of a couple if you want to make it personalized. Or go for frosted glass frame. Hang colorful balloons in the branches or tie heart shaped balloons to the chairs.
An Important Tip
Whatever you decide, you have to keep in mind that men generally get bored of long parties. So, it is better to have the party stretch to four hours at the maximum and keep the theme neutral. You wouldn’t want the male guests getting baffled after seeing the pinky frilly setting. Add some fun elements, like party games, to keep the male and the female guests engaged.

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