Wedding table decorations are important, as they add to the overall decor. Read on to find table decorating ideas for a wedding.

Table Decorating Ideas For A Wedding

Wedding day is the most important day in the life of a person. It is obvious that on this special day, you would want everything to be perfect. Right from your attire to decor of the wedding venue, everything should add to the ambience. Wedding table decorations are one of the vital aspects of wedding décor, which most of the people forget to take into consideration. Right table decorations create stunning settings that add to the overall décor of the event. There are lots of things you should keep in mind while decorating table for your wedding. Read on to find table decorating ideas for a wedding.
Wedding Table Decoration Ideas
Shape and Arrangement
Though you may find the shape of the tables and their arrangement insignificant, it is very important to consider them in the overall decoration. Small, round or oval tables look more sophisticated and inviting than the regular, square-shaped ones. The distance between two tables should be such that it should encourage socialization among the guests. If you opt for a buffet, make sure that the tables are arranged in U-shape, rather than in a straight line. Adding a backdrop behind the head table or cake table can also accentuate the decorations and create a picture perfect setting.
Cloths and Covers
  • Classic white tablecloths make up the most common and predictable choice for weddings. Instead, you should go for unique table cloths to add elegance and finesse to the table decorations.
  • You can go for colored tablecloths, as they go perfectly in sync with dramatic palettes and also conceal stains.
  • You can use streamers, ribbons, or layered cloth napkins for the central runner. These add to the elegance.
  • If you want to go for something that beautifies the table, an embroidered or a lacy tablecloth is a good option.
  • Make sure that you drape the table up to its edges, to give it a great outlook. 
Sprinkles add to the visual effect of the table, making it look more stunning. At the same time, they are inexpensive and excellent to bring out the beauty of the centerpiece employed. Some of the sprinkles which you can choose are:
  • Glitter or confetti that matches the wedding colors
  • Rose petals or other flower petals
  • Autumn leaves, for a fall wedding
  • Faux ice cubes, for a winter wedding
  • Glass beads or rocks
  • Mini rose buds
  • Small sea shells 
Centerpieces employed add splendor and exquisiteness to the table. A table décor can never be complete without a centerpiece. However, you need to make sure that the centerpiece is not too large, so as to block conversation. Food centerpieces are colorful, tasty, and fun. The various centerpieces you can choose from include.
  • Candle centerpieces or tea lights
  • Floating candles or candles on mirrors
  • Alternate short and tall centerpieces
  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets and bridal bouquet
  • Use unusual items such as autumn leaves, ice sculptures, mirrors, or picture frames
  • Breakaway centerpieces that can double as wedding favors
  • Edible centerpieces, such as carved vegetables, a fruit bowl, salt water taffy, and so on 
The Overall Look 
  • The cutlery you chose for the wedding must be in sync with the wedding décor. Though you may find it surprising, when you go for such detailing, it makes the table look elegant.
  • Use elaborately folded napkins to decorate individual plates.
  • Coordinate colors of plates, napkins, table cloths, and other items.
  • Make sure you decorate the chairs with covers or ribbons.

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