Boss’s Day, celebrated on 16th October every year, is the day to honor our bosses and express appreciation for them. Read on to explore the history & origin of National Boss Day.

Boss’s Day

After school and college, it is at our workplace that we learn most of the lessons that help us lead a responsible life. In our office, it is our boss or senior who acts as our teacher and takes us through the nuances of work. He is always there to motivate us, to giving us a leading hand and to encourage us even when we fail to accomplish something. Though most of us appreciate our boss, very few get an opportunity to express that appreciation. This is one of the reasons why Boss's Day came into being.
Celebrated on 16th October every year, National Boss Day provides us a chance to let our boss know how much we appreciate him/her. It serves as the perfect time to thank him for all that he has done for us and wish him all the success in life. Boss Day celebrations, in the usual cases, include the throwing of a party by the juniors, in honor of their boss. Cards, gifts, outdoor picnics and flowers are some of the other ways to wish your boss on this special. How you choose to convey your feelings for your boss, on this day, is entirely up to you. 
History & Origin of Boss Day
The origin of National Boss Day dates back to the year 1958, when a holiday, with the name - Boss Day, was registered with the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, by Patricia Bays Haroski. She worked at State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield Ill, under her father. While working for her father, she became aware of the problems he had to face - while leading the employees and managing the company. In order to show her admiration and respect for her father-boss, she hit upon the idea of Boss Day, for bosses across the country, keeping her dad's birthday - 16th October, as the date.
She wanted Boss’s Day to be a day on which, throughout the country, employees come out in front and thank their boss; for all that he has done for them. In 1962, four years after Patricia registered 'Boss Day' with the Chamber of Commerce, Otto Kerner, the Governor of Illinois, honored her initiative. He went ahead and officially declared 16th October as National Boss Day. Within a few years, the day became a hit all over the country and everywhere, people started honoring their seniors on this day. Today, Boss’s Day is celebrated with gusto across the world, with employees ensuring that the day becomes memorable for their boss.

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