Boss Day is the perfect occasion to give presents to your boss and let him/her know how special he/she is. If you are looking for some gift ideas for your boss, read on further.

Gift Ideas For Boss

With Boss Day (October 16th) on the anvil, most of you would be thinking what to gift your boss. It is the perfect occasion to thank your boss for being the guiding star in your life. Boss Day gives you the perfect opportunity to let your boss know how important he/she is in your life. Pamper your boss on this day with gifts and make him/her feel special. However, picking up presents can be an excruciating task, especially if you do not know what much about the likes and dislikes of your boss. Also, you do not have to get a gift for your boss all by yourself. You have a choice to ask everyone to pitch in with money and ideas. This way there are fewer chances that you will come across like a suck up, and also you will have more budget to buy something wonderful. Check out some gift ideas you can opt for your boss on this special day.

Gift Ideas for Boss
  • A bottle of wine or champagne can be the perfect gift for your boss on Boss Day. Better still if you know what your boss’ preference is. Maybe he/she is more of a brandy kind of a person or has a special love for a bottle of an old Talisker. If you know for certain what your boss likes, then get it for him/her without thinking twice, that is if it suits your pocket. If you are not very sure about what your boss might like then go for the safe choice––maybe a bottle of red wine for your male boss or a rosé for your female boss.
  • You can go for mobile, calculator, coffee mugs, wrist watch, diary, i-pods, trendy sunglasses or even binoculars. These are unisex gift items, which can be given to a male as well as a female boss. Maybe you can give it a personal touch and gift your boss what you think might come instrumental in the pursuit of his/her passion. For example, if your boss is an ardent lover of golf, then gift him/her some golf accessory that you think might suit his/her taste.
  • Gifts also depend on the tastes of your boss. For a person who is conscious about his fitness, tracksuit or a pair of jogging shoes would be an ideal gift. Or get him/her a membership of his/her favorite gym or swimming pool. If you know that your superior is into reading classics then get him/her a vintage copy of his/her favorite writer. Kindle is also a great gift for the ones who are into hardcore reading; get one for your boss if you know he/she has not already got one.
  • If your boss loves sports, gifting him/her sports gear would be perfect. A badminton racket, tennis racket, table tennis racket, cricket bat or even jersey of the particular team he admires would be a great option. You can also gift him photos of the team members or the flag of the team. You can also get him/her a season ticket of the game or the team he/she follows. Alternatively, if you think your boss is into intellectual and creative stuff then you can get him/her a ticket to a play or his favorite theatre show or may be a book reading session by his/her  favorite author.
  • For a male boss, gifts like shirt, tie, tiepin, cuff link, trouser, jumper, jacket or a blazer will be the best bet. Be mindful of his personal style and general choice of colors. If he is more of a casual guy they get him something quirky or fun to wear yet formal in structure so that he can wear it to office. But if he is a serious kind of a person with a classy taste in dressing then be peculiar when you are getting something for him. You must aim to get something exquisite, not just what is in fashion at the time.
  • For female boss, gifts like purse, imitation jewelry, a ring or a pendant are ideal. Again, for her be conscious of her fashion sense and quality of choice. You can also gift her perfume that she usually wears or may be some makeup from the brand she usually wears.  It is not difficult to guess her choices in makeup, dressing or accessories. One can figure that out from close observation.
  • Table accessories, like puzzle cube, desktop paperweight, a branded pen, electronic golf swing trainer and leather desktop catchall, are great buys as gifts for boss; anything that counts in office accessories. These are safe kind of gifts, in the sense that if you do not know your boss very well or you have not been in the office for a longtime or if you have not been working under him/her for a longtime. While buying these gifts you will not have to worry about personal choices and preferences, these gifts are universal in nature. All you would have to consider is buying the good quality ones.
  • A wall clock for your boss's cabin is another good option. Maybe a quirky one that stands out. Or if the décor of his/her cabin is more on the classy side then get the kind that merges in rather than stands out.
  • Flowers, cards and cookies are the most popular gifts as far as Boss Day is concerned. You can never go wrong with them. Maybe place the flowers before his/her arrival in the cabin and surprise him/her.

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