Go through the article, to find a list of cute nicknames you can use to call all the special people, including your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Cute Nicknames

Does expression always elude you, when you are with your beloved? Are you not one of the types who would go for PDA (public display of affection)? Do you still want to make your close friends and children feel loved and cared for? If yes, then here is a respite for you. Just use nicknames for the special people in your life and bring that smile onto the other person’s face. Nicknames are love names that are used to refer to someone in a personalized manner. Using them is the one of the best ways to show your love and affection for a person who is very close to you.
By calling people with nicknames, you tend to come even more closer to them. You can give nicknames to your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, cousins and your children as well. In today’s world, it is not possible to express your true feeling's every time, what with ever increasing work pressure and nearing deadline. This is where nicknames come to the rescue. They help you regain your love and affection in midst of havoc as well. In fact, nicknames serve as a true expression of your feelings and emotions. Read further and find a list of some cute nicknames that you would want to use for your loved ones.   
Cute Nicknames
A - Adorable, Angel, Angelpie, Apple, Ash
B - Baboo, Baby, Baby Doll, Bunny, Butter, Buttercup, Beautiful, Babe, Banchie, Beloved, Booger, Bubble, Buns, Bean Boy, Boo, Butterscotch
C - Cuddly Bun, Cutie Patootie, Cutie, Cutie Pie, CuddleCakes, Cuddly, Cabby, Cherub, Chico, Crusty, Cheeseball, Chum chum, Cootie, Chunks, Chocolate, Caramel, Chicki, Chicken, Crazy, Cuddlecakes
D - Ducky, Doobie, Darling, Dear, Dearest, Dear one, Deary, Doofus, Dorky, Diamond, Doobie
E - Eye Candy
F - Flower, Flame, Fuggy, Fluffy, Falafel, Fanny, Fashie, Fooma
G - Gorgeous, Giggles, Goobert, Giggle, Gerbill, Gimpie
H - Hot Chocolate, Honey Bear, Honey Bunny, Hunny, Honey Poo, Honey bunch, Hottie, Hamster
J - Jujube, Jiggly Boobs, Jaanu, Jewel, Jelly
K - Kitten, Kitty, Kiwi
L - Loo Loo/Lou Lou, Lovely, Little Angel, Little Darling, Little Soldier, Lumpy, Looppy, Lurch, Lolly, Love, Lubs, Loverboy, Lovergirl
M - Muffin, Mamacita, My baby, My doll, My life, Monkey, Mushroom
N - Nubby, Noori
P - Pookie, Prince, Princess, Pookie Cookie, Popsicle, Pumpkin, Picachu, Pinky, Poubelle, Precious, Pickle, Pooh, Poohbear
Q - Queen
R - Rose, Romeo, Raja, Rockstar, Rayaray
S - Sunshine, Skittles, Snuggles, Sexy, Silly Billy, Stud, Sweet potato, Sonu, Snicker, Sprinkles, Sugar, Superman, Superstar, Sweety/ Sweetu, Sweetheart, Shnookums, Snott, Skipper, Squirt, Sniffer, Scooby, Strawberry, Smiley, Spunky, silly, Snuggly, Snuggle Bunny, Sugarpie, Sweetpie, Swwetpea
T - Tiger, Tator Tot, Teddy, Tinkerbell, Toots, Treasure, Toad, Tushie, Tacobum, Tinker, Tuna, Tippy
V - Vampire
W - Wife, Woogie, Woobie, Wubbles, Wiggles
Z - Zoombie, Zippy

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