The much-adored tradition of decorating Christmas tree is the favorite pastime of people in the holiday season. Here are some decoration ideas for Christmas tree, based on popular themes.

Christmas Tree Decorating Themes

The festive season of Christmas is filled with fun activities. One such activity, which keeps everyone busy during the holidays, is decorating the Christmas tree. People embellish their tree with beautiful ornaments and garlands, illuminating it with colorful lights as well. To make the Christmas tree look distinct, many people base their decorations on a theme. There are both traditional and contemporary themes for Christmas, which can bring about a significant change in the overall appearance of your tree. Given below are some popular Christmas tree decoration themes that you may use this festive season. Adorn your tree using these ideas and make it look the best!
Christmas Tree Decorating Theme Ideas
White Christmas Theme
One of the most popular and the traditional ways of decorating Christmas tree is on the basis of a white theme. This brings about the effect of a snowy winter and White Christmas. Adorn the tree with white and icy blue ornaments, made of see through plastic or crystal, and use garlands of novelty lights, shaped like icicles or snowflakes. Spray flocking-snow (fake snow that comes in aerosol cans) on the branches, making your white Christmas tree look frostier.
Old-fashioned Christmas Tree Theme
Although the much-adored, old-fashioned theme involves the use of simple ornaments and lights, the outcome is amazing - an elegant Christmas tree that attracts all the passing glances! A pale white string of blinking lights will give a classy look. Hang small pieces of garlands, made of cranberry or popcorn chains. You may also use small dolls, angels, eatable ornaments - such as little nets filled with popcorns - to adorn your old-fashioned Christmas tree.
Country Christmas Tree Theme
This time, decorate your Christmas tree in the country theme, using wooden ornaments, gingerbread decorations and popcorn chains. Other ornaments that perfectly suit this theme include miniature deer, glassfish and pinecone ornaments. Brown, green and red are the colors to be chosen to give that rustic look to your Christmas tree. You can also accentuate your country tree with black checkered tree skirt and white lights.
Tropical Christmas Tree Theme
Bring the tantalizing feel of islands indoors, by decorating your Christmas tree as per the tropical theme. Yellow, orange, green, and blue are the colors that go perfectly well with the theme. Lights, in the shape of tropical fish, present the best option to illuminate the tree. Don't forget to buy a handful of colorful cocktail umbrellas to hang them on your tree. Withtropical Christmas tree, you will soon be attracting lots of admiring glances your way.
Edible Christmas Tree Theme
What else can be more tempting than a tree full of yummy edibles? This Christmas, give your kids a pleasant surprise, by adorning the tree with delicious treats. Decorate it with candies, cookies, wrapped chocolates bars and other goodies. Use a number of candy canes to accentuate the look further. Do not use metal hooks to hang the ornaments. Instead, attach silver, gold, red, and green ribbons to the ornaments so that the kids do not get hurt when taking their treats off the edible Christmas tree.

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