Homemade Christmas ornaments are ideal items to decorate your tree. Read onto check out homemade Christmas ornaments ideas.

Homemade Christmas Ornament

Christmas is one of the most joyous times of the year. There is so much to be done to celebrate the festival with the appropriate fervor that it is not a surprise, if you start thinking of falling out of your budget. In order to keep your pocket unburdened, you can resort to homemade Christmas tree ornaments. This is an ideal option to give vent to your creativity as well as to provide your tree a personal touch. Homemade Christmas ornaments include gingerbread men and wreaths, traditional bells and stars, colorful candy canes or Santas, glittery angels, cute reindeer or snowmen and sparkling snowflakes or icicles. These ornaments do not require much time and effort and can be prepared by kids as well. Your family members and friends are sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness. For more ideas on homemade Christmas ornaments, check out the following lines.
Homemade Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas 
  • You can decorate your Christmas tree with painted tennis balls, holly, berries, confetti, bells, small plastic toys and beads on clothespins.
  • You can use small pieces of costume jewelry, a small key sprayed with sparkle, miniature toys such as small teddy bears, doll key rings, little hearts, plastic cars, etc. You can even make something from colorful buttons to deck up your Christmas tree.
  • Cut out stars and other shapes from aluminum sheet, using cookie cutters. Punch holes into them and hang on your Christmas tree with ribbons.
  • You can even make shiny ornaments from cardboard, by brushing up glue on any small piece and rolling it in golden, copper or silver powder.
  • To give a personalized touch to the tree, you can use your family photos for decoration.
  • Old cutouts of pictures from Christmas cards can also be hung as ornaments on the tree.
  • Using dough, a variety of Christmas ornaments can be created and painted. Mix salt in the dough to keep insects at bay, while drying.
  • Pinecones, berries and soft snow-like cotton balls also look good on Christmas tree.
  • You can use candy canes or pipe cleaners and add antlers of thin wire to make them look like reindeers.
  • Paint shelled walnuts in red and cut pointed stars from green felt. Use thin gold ribbons to attach the felt to the nuts and you have strawberries with you to decorate your tree.
  • Use colorful craft paper to create paper stars and make a fun decoration for your Christmas tree.
  • Attach stuffed felt Santas on your tree to get the real Christmas feel. Use pom-poms, ribbon and felt to create mini Santas.
  • Similarly, you can also make tiny Christmas trees to decorate the tree as well as your home.  
  • Use craft sticks, paints, ribbon and cotton to make small snow windows to resemble the windows in winter. Hang these whimsical ornaments to portray the season of snow.
  • Make miniature presents by painting small wooden cubes with different acrylic colors, in various styles and wrap them up with ribbons to form a bow.

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