Homemade Christmas cards serve as a personalized way of conveying heartfelt wishes. Here are some ideas for handmade Christmas cards.

Homemade Christmas Cards

Cards are a wonderful way to spread Christmas cheers to your family and friends and wish them a great holiday season! Making Christmas cards is a fun craft that you can undertake at home, during vacation. All you need to do is put some effort and a little bit of creativity. The result will surely be amazing. Homemade Christmas cards will be cherished by the recipient for a long time to come. Moreover, they will add personal touch to your wishes, which is not felt in the shop-bought ones. There are innumerable ways to make Christmas cards at home. Given below are some of the best handmade Christmas cards ideas.
Homemade Christmas Card Ideas 
  • Abstract shapes, pasted on blank cards, make beautiful gift items! Cut various shapes, such as miniature trees and stars out of colorful papers. Paste these shapes on plain white blank cards. For extra glitter, you may glue some Christmas stickers on the outside of the cards. Make sure to write a funny quote inside.
  • Cookie cutters are used for a variety of purposes. You may also use them for making beautiful homemade Christmas cards! Take a couple of star-shaped cookie cutters, dip them in white craft glue and stamp them on blank cards. Sprinkle different colors of glitters on the top of the semi-dried glue prints. Write Christmas quotes on the cards and give them to your loved ones!
  • Draw snowmen and angels on the front of a blank card. Cut out just the heads of the photographs of your family members. Glue the heads on the figures drawn on the card. It will look like a family of snowmen and angels! Give final addition to the card by sprinkling glitter on the front.
  • Apart from using blank cards, you may also use construction paper for the purpose. Take a small sized construction paper and draw Christmas tree on it. Cut out the Christmas tree and then color it using crayons or sketches. Decorate the card using glitters, write some nice quotations on it and put it in an envelope.
  • By using a card stock and your family’s photograph, you can make beautiful Christmas card. Take a print out of your family’s photo and then paste the picture on the front of the card stock. In order to make the card look more attractive, cut along the sides of the paper using craft scissors that make scalloped edges.  
  • Make pictures of Christmas carolers in front of the card stock. Color the carolers using crayons or sketch pens. This will give a three-dimensional effect to the card. Write lyrics of a short Christmas carol inside the card. If your recipient is inclined to music, then add a few chords as well. This will make the card look beautiful!

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