Are confused regarding the best presents that can be given to a toddler? Go through the article, to discover some interesting gift ideas for a toddler.

Gift Ideas For Toddlers

Gifts always bring a smile across the face of the receiver and if the receiver is a toddler, the cute smile is worth all your money. However, when it comes to deciding presents, infancy stage can be quite confusing. This is because the child does not speak and so, cannot express his wants. In such a case, you can give presents that will contribute to the toddler's growth and development. At the same time, the gifts should be entertaining also. One of the best presents for toddlers will be an interactive and instructive toy that makes playing time pleasurable as well as a learning experience. Check out some gift ideas you can resort to, while gifting a toddler.
Best Presents For Toddlers
Color & Texture Puzzles
Colorful things attract infants. So, this time, present your toddler with cute set of color and texture puzzles. Learning different colors would surely be a fun experience for your kid.
Peek 'n Play Ball Pit
Playing outdoors can be a lot of fun with a set of ‘Peek ‘n Play Ball Pit’. Ensure that you fill a lot of colorful mid-sized balls in the pit.
Swing & Slide
Purchase a cute and colorful swing and slide set, to help your toddler enjoy his/her playing time in the backyard.
Cottage Playhouse
A cottage playhouse can be a great gift item for your baby girl. You can also present the playhouse to a baby boy, with some modifications in the cottage, so that it doesn’t look girly.
Toy Fruits & Vegetable Set
By presenting toy fruits and vegetable set, you would actually help your toddler recognize the fruits and veggies he/she eats, very easily. Make sure that the plastic toys are not sharp-edged and would not choke your infant.
A Book of Prayers
A book of prayers that are easy to learn would be perfect for your growing toddler. Be sure to set a tune for each prayer, while helping him/her learn it.
Picture Books
Present miniature-sized picture books to your infant. These days, books made of thick paper (as thick as cardboard sheets) are available in the stores. Such books can’t be easily torn by hyperactive kids, so they would be the best bet.
Plastic Animals
Purchasing plastic animals is a great idea to keep your toddler engaged in playing, while learning. Make sure that the plastic animals do not have sharp edges, which might hurt your kid.
Building Blocks
Playing with building blocks is always encouraged, when it comes to toddlers. Look for the set of blocks that are colorful. That way, your kid would recognize and learn different colors too.
Push Toys
Playing with push toys is a great pastime for toddlers. Ensure that you provide him/her enough space at your home, to move around with the toy.
Soft Balls
Purchase a dozen of mid-sized soft balls for your toddler. Make sure that the balls are large enough, because growing children have a tendency to swallow anything at hand, which looks round, colorful and beautiful.
Teddy Bear
Teddy bears are something that not a single toddler would say ‘no’ to. So, this time, bring a nice fluffy and soft teddy bear for your infant.
Other Gift Ideas
  • Rolling Toys
  • A pair Of Canvas Sneakers
  • Peg Board or Simple Puzzle
  • Crayons or Non-Toxic Markers
  • Personalized Nap Roll with Blanket
  • Baby Walker

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