Are you looking for nutritious lunch ideas for your ‘picky’ toddler? If yes, then go through this article, to get some amazing lunch options for toddlers.

Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

Is your little one troubling you with food tantrums? If yes, then this is the perfect place for you to be in. Look around you and you would realize that almost all the children start becoming picky and choosy about food, right from toddlerhood. Though this might be too frustrating for parents to get bowled over by a mere 1 year old kid over food issues, but the fact is that you have to deal with the tantrum in a tricky way. Most often children demand food that is unhealthy or one that lacks nutrition. In such a case, it is advisable to serve your child a plate full of the delicacies which he loves, but the ingredients that you think are right. In the following lines, we have provided appetizing lunch ideas that are sure to woo the taste buds of your toddler and do away with your worries as well.
Nutritious Lunch Ideas For Picky Toddlers
Sandwich with a Twist
Sandwiches are the most popular option, when it comes to serving lunch to toddlers. The best aspect about sandwiches is that you can use an assortment of filling, which prevents it from being monotonous and repetitive. Right from using mashed avocado, chicken, cheese or eggs to sliced vegetables and onions, the options are endless. Though it might sound tempting to you, for toddlers, attractive lunch is more appealing than tempting food. To make sandwiches attractive, cut them in varying sizes. Use ketchup, mild chutney and mayonnaise to add the much needed color factor in the sandwiches.
Funky Fruits & Veggies
Give any toddler a piece of fruit or vegetable and you would find it thrown straight into the dustbin. However, hand him/her a piece of cake and in no time, you would see the cake piece being gulped down. Sad, but true - this is the fate of nutritious food seen amongst most toddlers. In case you want your toddler to consume wholesome fruits and vegetables for lunch, the trick is to cut them in a funky manner. Instead of resorting to the boring slices, cut them in shape of a rectangle, oval, square, circle, and so on. This would surely attract toddlers and make them eat a healthy diet. However, make sure you cut small pieces.
Gulp It Down
Many moms would complain that their toddler does not want to eat anything solid. This is a common problem seen amongst most kiddos. In case your little one also avoids having solid foods, do not fret or pressurize the child. Instead, resort to liquid foods, such as soups and juices. Add nutritious food and vegetables to make delicious soups and juices. This way your child would not only consume a healthy and nutritious diet, but also have food of his preference. 
Delicious Italiano
The love for Italian dish is common among all toddlers alike. Right from pizzas to pastas, toddlers just love the aroma, look and taste of these dishes. So, the best bet would be to serve them what they love, but in a nutritious manner. It is most likely that your little one would know these dishes only by the names or appearance. So, here’s a chance for you to serve him/her a delicious plate of yummy pasta or pizza, but with a filling of your choice. Add in nutritious veggies to prepare the dish. This would serve the purpose for both you and your little one - what say!!
Apart from all the ideas mentioned above, you can even go for boiled eggs, omelets, pumpkin bread, hummus and crackers and pancakes. These are some of the other food options that are sure to make delectable lunch for your toddler. Salads also make great option, when it comes to serving lunch to toddlers. Whatever be your choice, just make sure that one feature is consistent amongst all of them - the lunch is attractive and appealing to look at and scrumptious to eat!!

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