The recipes that you prepare for your kids, to eat as lunch in school, should be tasty as well as healthy. If you are looking for some ideas on school lunch recipes for kids, explore this article.

School Lunch Ideas

Do your kids bring their lunch back home from school almost every day, without eating it? If yes, then probably they are tired of eating what you cook! Agreed, you prepare a healthy lunch, because you want to ensure overall health of your children. Even if it is healthy, you need to make it taste as delicious and look as attractive as possible, because your kids might be too young to understand the nutritious value of what they eat. The best way to ensure a proper diet for your child is to serve lip smacking recipes for lunch, which look attractive and are healthy as well. If you are looking for some nice school lunch ideas, then go no further. Read this article and get some easy school lunch recipes for kids. 
School Lunch Recipes For Kids
Tortilla Rolls
Make lip smacking delight for your kids, by using tortilla. Spread your kid's favorite sandwich filling in a tortilla and roll it up. For a refreshing taste, you may add one or two twigs of parsley as well. Pair it up with fresh orange juice and the lunch is ready.
Cheese With Brown Bread
Is your kid fond of eating cheese with every finger food? If yes, then make a mouthwatering recipe out of cheese. Cut a slice of cheddar cheese into a small star, using a cookie cutter and slip it inside brown bread slices. You may complement the recipe with apple slices, to make a nutritious and tasty lunch.
Celery Stalk
Celery stalks with peanut butter, though nutritious, is a very common school lunch recipe. You may improvise on it and make it even more attractive and enticing. Fill the celery stalks with peanut butter and top it up with grated cheese and chopped raisins.
Steamed Rice Cake With Cheese
Spread melted cheese on a slice of steamed rice cake. Now, make a cute face on the cake, with the help of raisins, cherry and grated coconut. Use two raisins for the eyes, sliced cherry for nose and grated coconut for the hair. It would make an attractive, healthy as well as tasty lunch for your kid.
Hot Dog With Mashed Potatoes
Smear a few drops of vegetable oil or butter on a hot dog bun. Now, fill the bun with mashed potatoes, steamed peas and raw carrots. Add tomato ketchup to the hot dog, if your kid likes to eat it. Now, heat the hot dog bun in a pan, over simmer, and then pack for lunch.  
Chicken Tortilla
Cook the breast portion of chicken and mince it thoroughly. Now, place the minced chicken breast, along with grated cheese, cucumber and avocado slices, inside the tortilla. Roll the tortilla tightly, and wrap it up, in an aluminum foil. The lunch is ready!
Tofu Blocks With Bun
Tofu is a health-promoting food, rich in proteins and high in vitamins. So, you can include it in the school lunch for your kids. Heat a wheat bun over simmer. Now, mix cooked and mashed tofu with oats and soy sauce. Make a cutlet out of the mixture and then place it inside the bun. It would be a healthy treat for your kid.
  • Your kid's lunch box should be as attractive as the lunch. Hence, make use of colored re-usable containers, fun party napkins and stickers for plastic bags. This way, the healthy lunch will be fun to eat as well.

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