Bagged lunches make up nice options for kids, because they provide variety in food. In this article, we have given bagged lunch ideas for children.

Bagged Lunches For Kids

For small children, one of the highlights of the day in the school is the recess time, when they eat lunch with their friends. Kids often feel that it would be better if their lunch bags/boxes were filled with what they actually want to eat, rather than what their mom wants them to have. Moreover, after reaching a certain age, their choices widen and they often prefer a variety in food. Brown bagged lunches can provide variation in lunch, with very little preparation. The wide choices of sandwiches, drinks and snacks in their lunch bag will definitely appeal your kids! In this article, we have given some nice ideas for bagged lunches for kids.
Bagged Lunch Ideas For Children
Pasta Salad
Take half-cup of whole-grain pasta and add vegetables to it, which are rich in fiber. Mix it with lean meat or low-fat cheese and then drizzle with light vinaigrette on top. Toss the salad twice. Pack the pasta salad with a plastic fork. Pair it with fresh fruit juice or bottled water.
Cracker Sandwich
Crispy cracker sandwich can be easily made using slices of assorted cheese and lean meat. Include fruits rich in fiber, to add nutritious value to the whole-wheat cracker sandwich. Add bottled water to the bag.
Chicken Salad
Take half cup of boiled and finely chopped chicken. Add apple, pineapple and mayonnaise to the chicken. Dress it up with yogurt, seasoned with curry powder. You may also add flavored yogurt in the lunch bag.
Hard-Boiled Eggs With Bread
Make thin slices of two hard-boiled eggs. Take two slices of bread and spread a little mayonnaise or mustard sauce on it. Insert the sliced eggs and add lettuce or chopped watercress to them.
Peanut Butter Sandwich
Spread one tablespoon of peanut butter on slices of brown bread. Add sliced bananas/apples to it, along with a little cinnamon. Fry the sandwich in pan, browning on both the sides.
Fried Rice
When eggs, chopped lean meat and vegetables are added to fried rice, your kid is bound to enjoy his lunch.
Meat Muffins
Bake meat muffins and store them in the freezer. Take one or two muffins from the freezer in the morning and pack them for lunch. By lunch, they will come down to the right temperature and will be ready to eat!
Mixed Bag - 1
In a brown bag, put peanut butter sandwich, apple chips, chocolate pudding and a bottle of milk.
Mixed Bag - 2
Banana bread sandwich can be paired with a garden salad, yogurt drink and few slices of bananas and strawberries.
Mixed Bag – 3
Rice cake is a very delicious dish to add to your kid’s lunch. Pair it with sliced chicken breast (roasted), tomato and sprouts, olive salad with croutons, peanut butter cookie and bottled water.

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