Are you looking for ideas on your New Year resolution for 2009? Go through the article and explore the top ten New Year's resolutions.

Top Ten New Year Resolutions

The coming of a New Year is a mixed bag of emotions - while we are happy for the New Year, we get a little nostalgic about the one that's going to end. Almost all of us end up being a little introspective on New Year’s Eve as well. It is an inevitable thought, because the scope for self-improvement strikes a chord with every one. And, the best way to put it in action is by making New Year resolutions. The resolutions comprise of a list of changes, which we need to adopt in various areas of life, in the coming year. Given below are the top 10 New Year's resolutions for the year 2009.
Lose Weight
Top 10 New Year Resolutions
Lose Weight and Get In Better Physical Shape
Overweight is an ever-increasing concern amongst people now-a-days. Losing extra weight and getting in better physical shape is very important, if you want to remain healthy. Not only does it make you look good, but is also important to get rid of all those problems that excess weight brings with it.
Stick To a Budget
How many times have you spent more than the allocated budget? The number of times you have done it is beyond counting, isn't it! So, sticking to a financial plan becomes an important resolution for the next year, as it will help you prevent overspending and ensure peace of mind as well.  
Debt Reduction
Stop using credit cards!! Almost every time we remind ourselves of this, we end up postponing it for the next time. Debt reduction is important. You need to realize a simple fact - if you cannot pay cash for what you buy, you do not require it as well. Keep a track record of all the inflow and outflow of money - be it cash, cheques, credit card, and so on.
Enjoy More Quality Time with Family & Friends
The realization has finally struck - spending quality time with family & friends is the need of the hour. Scheduling and prioritizing becomes important, as you need to juggle between work and home, to give proper time to your near ones. 
Find My Soul Mate
For bachelors and spinsters, the prior aim is to find that special someone. Finding the perfect better-half, hence, becomes an important New Year resolution for the coming year.
Quit Smoking
Quitting smoking is understandably a hard job for smokers. However, the benefits which this particular act brings along with it, is making more and more smokers leave cigarettes and opt for being non-smoker.
Finding a Job/ Better Job
New Year brings with it new vision, aims and aspirations. For people who are unemployed, getting a job is one of the top New Year resolutions. Those who are employed, on the other hand, look for better opportunities.
Learn Something New
Learning has expanded the walls of formal schooling. So, getting to learn something novel or something which would help to lead a better life becomes a prime New Year resolution amongst all.
Volunteer and Help Others
The stereotyped mindset of ‘I, Me & Myself’ has paved way to the feeling of ‘We’. Volunteering for some social work and helping others, thus, becomes one of the top ten resolutions for 2009.
Get Organized
Getting organized has become an essential requirement of life. Planning a day reduces interruptions and also saves time. It also allows you to be more focused and reduces stress. So, go ahead and promise yourself that you will be more organized in the coming year!

Lose Weight  
Finding Soul Mate  
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