End of the year teacher gifts serve as a mark of appreciation for your teacher in the previous class. Read on to explore end of the year gift ideas for teachers.

End Of The Year Teacher Gifts

It is the end of your school year - you have given your exams and result is the only thing that binds you to the previous class. On one hand, you eagerly await the new class and on the other, you are sad that your class teacher will not be there with you anymore. Teachers guide us on every step of our student life and, sometimes, even after that and hardly get any thanks in return. So, before you move ahead, why don't you give your beloved teacher a gift, as a mark of your appreciation and gratitude? In case you are little confused regarding the gift, check out the following lines. The end of the year teacher gifts, listed below, will give you an idea as to what gift will be best suited for your dearest teacher.
End Of The Year Gift Ideas For Teachers
One of the best gifts that you can give your teacher is a book. However, make sure that you are aware of his/her favorite author or at least his/her favorite genre. Otherwise, you might end up giving a drama novel to a teacher who is more inclined towards philosophical stuff.
Gift Certificates
Gift certificates for your teacher's favorite shop or restaurant would comprise of another wonderful gift. This option will also eliminate the possibility of your gift not being liked by the teacher.
Spa Gift Certificates
If you have a female teacher, there can be no better option than a gift certificate for the nearest spa. Considering the amount of effort that your teacher puts in, to make you capable, it is only understandable that she gets a day to pamper herself as well.
Gift Basket
If you are not much aware of your teacher's likes and dislikes, a gift basket that is filled with teacher supplies, like pens, colored pencils, eraser, pen stand and tape, would prove to be a very good option.
Beach Bag
If you live at a place that has a beach close by, you can consider giving your teacher a big beach bag, filled with beach towel, flip flops, sunscreen, etc. It is sure to put a big smile on his/her face.
Photo Album
Memories make one of the best gift items for your teacher. In order to give your teacher beautiful memories of your class, present him/her with a photo album of all his/her students, with cute compliments from each one of them.
DVD Collection
Is your teacher a movie lover? Does he/she love relaxing in front of the TV, with his/her favorite movie in the DVD player? If yes, then gifting him/her with a DVD collection of his/her favorite movies is the best bet.
Some Other Ideas
  • Gift certificate for a video rental
  • Personalized pen, with his/her name printed on it
  • Painted glass ball ornaments
  • Flavored coffee or tea mixes
  • A candle and candleholder
  • Handmade pencil holder
  • Movie theater passes
  • Homemade bread, cookies or candies
  • Board games like Boggle, Scrabble or Brain Quest
  • Homemade bookshelf
  • Magazine subscription 
  • Handmade floor pillow
  • Posters with an inspirational message

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