New Year is a great time to indulge in activities that are fun and entertaining. Go through the article, to get some exciting New Year activity ideas.

New Year Activities

Come the end of the year, and each one’s wardrobe is glistening with shiny apparels, high-heeled stilettos and fashionable accessories! Reason - its New Year!! It is that time of the year, when everyone is in the party mood. Be it old or young, New Year drapes one and all to make merry and welcome the coming of new hopes, new aspirations and new beginnings. While some love to celebrate the New Year with a party, there are others who like to welcome the coming year at their homes, in the presence of family members. Whatever be the mode of celebration, one thing which is common to all is indulging themselves in New Year activities. These activities are a fun way to extract moments of fun, amusement and pleasure from life. In the following lines, we have provided amazing New Year activity ideas that are sure to work as an add-on to your merriment.
New Year Activity Ideas
Party All Through The Night
New Year and party have become synonymous to each other. Dancing and singing the night out have become a common practice for everyone. This year, instead of heading to a discotheque or a club, have your New Year Eve party at the comforts of your home only. A little bit of creativity, coupled with some diligence and hard work, is sure to make your party better than those in clubs or discos.
Cook It Up With Fun
Imagine starting the New Year with a palate of appetizing, mouthwatering dishes!! A few minutes before the clock strikes twelve, divide the guests into groups of three or five. Assign a table for each of the group, which is filled with all the necessary items required for cooking a delicacy. Hang a charter that contains a list of New Year dinner recipes. Instruct each group that they need to prepare one item from the list in the allotted time. The group that finishes first or makes the best dish will be the winner!!
Be Different This Year
New Year is that time of the year, when people shed off their worries and anxiety, digging themselves in the party mood. A great way to make the party more fun and lively would be by making each participant wish ‘Happy New Year’ in a different style. This could be either in the form of New Year SMS, quotes, songs, or even poems.
Creativity Put To Test
Instead of just drinking, dancing and singing your night out, New Year party can be a great time to put the creativity to test. Include some creative New Year party games, to make the whole ambience lively and sparkling. Hand over each guest a piece of paper, some sketch pens and glitters. In about 5 minutes, each of guests is supposed to make a card and address it to someone at the party. The one who finishes first or the one makes the most striking card is declared the winner. A bonus prize can be given to the person, who receives the highest number of cards (but do not disclose this before the game ends).

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