New Years Eve is the time to welcome a new beginning. Explore the article below to know how to throw a unique party for New Years Eve.

Unique New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

New Year’s Eve is the day not to mull over the year gone, by but to plan how to bring in the upcoming year with a spirit, which would last the entire year. A celebration with family and friends can be counted as a good omen for the ties to remain strong, through the entire year. Like every year, this question “what are you doing at the New Year” must have been doing the rounds yet again, around you. And, if you don’t have the answer to this question, or are tired of same old New Year party ideas, the all you need is some unique party ideas to celebrate with your friends and family. The first thing, which you need to resolute, for the coming year is to, ring in the year with fun, gaiety, and style. So, if you were thinking till now that there is nothing which can be called as “perfect party.
How To Plan The Perfect New Year's Eve 
  • Host an open house party for your friends and family. Such parties do not require much preparation. Use dim lighting and soft music. Set a mix yourself bar where guests can mix their own drinks. Decorate the walls with the passing year’s newspaper clippings, highlighting the top news. You can even put your family pictures taken this year detailing the happy moments.
  • Plan a slumber party. The number of guests should depend on your accommodation capacity. Make every one warm and comfortable. If you happen to have, a garden, then light a small bon fire and huddle around it. Else, organize a barbeque with some people, doing the grilling, another strumming a guitar and someone else crooning. The cold air and the fire make a delightful combo.
  • Organize a cooking party. Cooking together can be fun. Along with your friends and family cook as many dishes as you can, dividing the task among everyone. Play music and make sure you keep all the ingredients ready so that no one has to run to the shop for this and that.
  • Have a roof top picnic. Ask each of your guests to bring a dish cooked by them for a midnight feast. On the rooftop, place a warm rug or mattress to accommodate everyone. Throw in blankets to keep warm. From the rooftop, you can have an excellent view of the fireworks that starts when New Year rings in. Start your meal just when “clock hands join hands” to welcome in the year.
  • Play games. Give a house party and till the food is cooked, play games. Let everyone recount the best and worst experiences and give cookies or chocolates for the winner. Make New Year resolutions. No one follows them anyway. Ask your friends to make the wackiest resolutions and give prize to the one that follows it, the longest. Of course, you people must follow him or her to know whether he or she had kept the resolution.

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